#BushwickDaily Insta-Takeover: From Gustavo Ponce to Katie Killary

Last week, Gustavo Ponce, our beloved Bushwick Mixer photographer, took over our Instagram account to highlight bars and venues. With that aim in mind, we’re gonna go ahead and guess that he had some fun as he bounced around Bushwick, hitting up places like Skytown, Wreck Room, and newly opened Radio Bushwick. Make sure to check out the full feed for all of his shots (there are some awesome non-party ones too – but let’s be real, they’re pretty boozy)!

This week Katie Killary takes the helm! Katie, a Graphic Designer and Photographer who followed her heart out to the factory-lined streets of Bushwick, is a fan of famous quotes, memorizing poems, daydreaming at night and exploring the neighborhood’s growing art scene. She will focus on the Bushwick scenery—the landscape, the murals, the varied architecture, and some visits to both the classic haunts and new places in the neighborhood. So look forward to lots of impressive landscape and architecture photos in the upcoming days!

Follow our Instagram for all of the updates, and scroll down for some highlights from Gustavo’s weeklong love affair with Bushwick’s favorite boozy establishments…

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