Brooklyn: Irving Ave & Covert St NYPD reporting perp escaped custody, Looking for a m/b with handcuffs still on. Level 1 mobilization called

— New York City Alerts (@NYCityAlerts) December 2, 2013


Good morning, Bushwick! Welcome back from Thanksgiving vacation–and see if you can’t shake that trytophan coma with a shot or two of espresso, because not only is it Monday, it seems that there was a big chase in the neighborhood last night.

We’re on standby for more info and will update as we receive it, but last night around 11:30PM the police descended in full force on the area around Irving Avenue and Covert Street, off of the Halsey stop on the L, searching for a perp who had escaped custody and was still handcuffed. An eyewitness estimates that there may have been as many as 40 uniformed responders at the scene, including a SWAT team and a helicopter.

#bushwick helicopters, seems to be a search for an escaped prisoner: PERP SEARCH/CHASE 12/01/13 23:35 POLICE DEPARTMENT UNITS ON SCENE RPTG

— m p (@ocreterre) December 2, 2013

Level 1 is the designated response for incidents such as shootings and bank robberies, so we won’t speculate, but this may have been a serious situation. Check back with us later for more info.