L is for Let Us Rejoice…but just for a bit because, even though the L train is making a rare weekend appearance, it is instead going MIA during the week. Sure, L train, go on a hiatus when we need to do normal things like take the train home from work or head into the city for an appointment, but then come back when a weekend of fall festivities will likely be occurring.

The sucky part is that we can’t even be mad at the L train and give it the silent treatment – we neeeed the L train. Okay, you can probably ride your bike or take the J but sometimes you just want to plop down on the train, get lost in some daydreams and arrive directly in Union Square. No transfers, no half-riding-my-bike-half-going-carrying-it-on-the-subway-because-I-am-sweating-and-did-not-bring-a-change-of-clothes, no squished shuttle buses, no praying to the subway gods that the L train will arrive at a reasonable time – just a good ole hop-on, hop-off subway ride! (Steps off soapbox.)

So here is your weekly service changes starring the L train with a guest appearance from the M:

L train service changes:

Weeknights of 10/21-10/25 and 10/28 – 11/1, the L train will only be operating in two sections:

Between 8th Ave and Lorimer St

Between Myrtle Avenue and Rockaway Parkway

*Shuttle bus service operates between Lorimer St and Myrtle Avenue (as if this magically makes everything better)

Oh, and here’s a doozy – the M train is deciding to be the L train (in honor of pre-Halloween festivities I presume) and is not showing up this weekend. At all. Talk about role reversal:

Weekends through Nov. 4 there will be no M trains, not even running between Myrtle Av and Metropolitan Av. There will however be shuttle buses providing alternate service (I wonder where you got this idea from, M train).

The M train’s weekend farewell starts Friday nights:

The last Myrtle Av-bound train for the weekend departs Metropolitan Av. on Fridays 11:43pm.

The last Metropolitan Av-bound train departs Myrtle Av at 11:43pm.

So, basically run like hell and make it to the M train by 11:43 before it turns into a giant pumpkin.

As usual, check mta.info if you would like to be reminded about how annoyed you are – I mean, for up to date information on service changes. Happy riding!