It’s time for your weekly L train update when you get to read about how big of a wrench the L train may throw into your commute. However, the upcoming days look a little different since the L train seems to be getting a bit creative on us with its service changes. Instead of just disappearing completely for part of the week it is also deciding to show up really delayed. Take a look:

Weeknights and weekend nights from 10/14 until 10/21 the L train will only operate every 24 minutes. This means that if you don’t time yourself right you could be waiting underground for the duration of a whole Seinfeld episode. Creepy. This service change is for inspections of the Canarsie tube to assess hurricane-related damage to take place.

The service change we are all too familiar with will also happen…Weeknights from 10/21 until 10/25 the L train will only be operating in two sections:

Between 8th Avenue and Lorimer Street.

Between Myrtle Avenue and Rockaway Parkway

And yes, this is because they are still apparently replacing deteriorated ties and sections of the concrete roadbed.

(Now let’s say this part altogether since you have heard it enough:) As usual check out for the latest updates because you never really know what the L train is going to do next. Happy riding!