Fire at Alaska (photo by Maria Gotay for Bushwick Daily)

One of our favorite neighborhood bars, Alaska on Ingraham and Morgan was on fire last night. According to Bedford and Bowery, FDNY, was called in at 9:49PM and it took nearly an hour to bring the fire under control.

One of the owners of Alaska, Skyler David Insler send us a Facebook message earlier today explaining:

“…there was some kind of fluke electrical fire that started tonight. above all we’re just really grateful that no one was hurt. the fire department came super fast, within a couple minutes of calling 911. they were able to stop the fire from spreading, so much of the building is still in tact. there is extensive damage to the roof and walls, but we feel very lucky.”

Sam Severance who runs Bunna Cafe was at Alaska at the time of the fire, and he told us: “We were sitting in the bar when the bartender noticed a burning smell, we searched around for a few minutes and noticed smoke billowing out a hole in the front where the cables run. Everyone evacuated quickly and the fire dept was there in literally two minutes. The damage would’ve been much worse were it not for the bartender Natalie Millin’s quick response and the fire dept getting there as fast as they did.”

Bedford and Bowery further states that four tenants from the apartment next door had to be moved to  a nearby hotel because of smoke damage. They estimated the rebuilding of Alaska could take months.

According to the owners, Alaska will remain closed for a couple of weeks.