you know you want to.

It’s officially summer as we’ve all come to realize. There are pluses and minuses for concert goers when summertime rolls around. Cons: venues are even sweatier, sidewalks and rooftops are more crowded, smoke clings to the skin in heat, fresh air is no less fresh when shared. Pros: free outdoor shows, rooftop concerts, musicians are even sweatier, scantily clad music lovers, everything else imaginable. Embrace the positive temperature and up your positive attitude while enjoying these incredible picks for this weekend! Spoiler: FMLY FEST, 4knots Festival, Market Hotel, Celebrate Brooklyn!, and so much more.

10. Morning Teleportation, Joe Russo, Nicos Gun, The Henry Millers @ Brooklyn Bowl (SUN, $8)

We quite like Morning Teleportation’s genre-bending, energetic rock sound that’s as endearing as it is invigorating. Their above single, “Expanding Away,” must have been featured in 100 commercials because it sounds so freaking familiar, and it comes complete with an excellently animated, trippy music video.


Sham-pu at Northside. Photo by Ileana Little.

9. Sham-Poo, Le Rug, Lost Boy?, Slonk Donkerson @ Shea Stadium (FRI 9PM, $8)

Check out quite a few local bands we featured in our Best of Northside Festival at local spot Shea Stadium this Friday Night.


8. Fielded, Lushes, Bryan Clopton, Cool Memories, The Jazz Massagers @ MTHR INC (THURS 8PM, $5)

This mysterious new venue, located just around the corner from Little Skips, is going to be rocking on Thursday night. Headliners Fielded have some fantastic music up on their bandcamp featuring powerful and vengeful vocals atop a really sexy saxophone. Let’s hope that’s all gonna be live.

7. Sound Bath Meditation w/ 12 Crystal Bowls @ Body Actualized Center (THURS 8:30PM, $5-15)

No, that’s not an overly descriptive name for a new indie rock band. It’s exactly what it says it is. Ever heard a singing bowl? If you’re a yogi, you’ve heard the gorgeous, floaty, transcendental noise signaling release into shavasana. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, watch the above video to get an idea – then show up Thursday night and prepare to be blissed.


Gatekeeper Keepin It Real.

6.Gatekeeper, Teams, Lauren Devine, Teengirl Fantasy @ 35 Beadel St (FRI 9PM, $7)

This warehouse venue (at one time called Steel Drums) hosts all sorts of gatherings, and this one is for lovers of all things post-rock. Gatekeeper is dark and  industrial, vaguely metal with hard rock leanings. Teams diddies around in deep electronic sound, building repetitive sound waves that can really transport you, man. Plus, free BBQ 9-12PM. It’s gonna be a good night.


5. Nightbeds, Jenny O, Idiot Glee @ Glasslands (SUN 8:30PM, $10)

What a fantastic lineup to fill out the weekend. Nightbeds is a completely gorgeous alternative band from Nashville whose music is full of archaic melodies and slide guitar, reminiscent of ferry rides, fireflies, the ocean, and that one who got away. It’s really romantic and beautiful, if you didn’t get my drift.


Javelin. Photo by Maria Gotay.

4. Os Mutantes, Javelin, Janka Nabay & The Bubu Gang @ Prospect Park (SAT 7PM, FREE or $3)

Oh man, oh man! Get excited! This free show, part of Celebrate Brooklyn, features three very different, but equally vibey, bands that will enrich your ears and gyrate your hips. Os Mutantes are a Brazilian rock band who were South America’s most influential psychedelic pioneers in the 1960s – and they are back and rocking. Javelin are a (hard to describe, but makes them that much more awesome!) glitch/pop/electronic/hiphop/mash-up/power rock band who know how to break it down. Janka Nabay bring Afro-rock to Brooklyn. There’s really something for everyone.


One of Showpaper’s incredible recent covers.

3. Showpaper Retrospective @ Market Hotel (FRI 7PM, FREE)

Showpaper, if you’re not familiar, is a free, local, weekly handout that’s been a great resource since 2007 for all bands playing around Brooklyn and trying to get listed. It has also been a great resource for fans of live music, art, and print publications. The always interesting cover art, the kaleidoscopic horoscopes, the thorough show list, the FREENESS of it all – it’s been great. Come check out what you’ve been missing out on, or round out your collection at the legendary Market Hotel on Friday. There will be a performance from Ashcan Orchestra at 8PM.


2. FMLY FEST @ Various Venues (FRI-SUN, various venues, $10 weekend pass)

We are stoked FMLY fest is back this year. We had fun cruising through their many events last year and this time around they’ve consolidated to make a few really strong shows, including a rooftop marathon show (from 5:30-10:30) Friday night at McKibben, a day event at Silent Barn on Saturday (including workshops from 2-5 and shows from 6-11 pm), and an excursion on Sunday to Bull Hill (upstate) with many performances throughout the hike and journey. Headliners across the 3 days include Chrome Sparks, Julia Brown, Mutual Benefit, Toothaches, Megafortress, and more! Learn more about all of these excellent events here! Can’t make it this weekend? They’re doing FMLY Fest 2.0 in Boston next weekend.



1. 4KNOTS Festival featuring Kurt Vile, Parquet Courts, The Men, The Babies, MORE @ South Street Seaport (SAT 1-8PM, FREE)

The Village Voice is back at it again this year with an even better all day festival featuring your dream indie rock lineup. Kurt Vile will enchant with dreamy, drawling vocals and intricate guitar melodies, while Parquet Courts will fire up the mosh pit. All this while in the presence of thousands of sweaty music lovers and majestic sailboats. WE LOVE 4KNOTS!