Urban Outfitters, thank you. Because for only $39 every teenager can now own a little, fake Bushwick jersey and can finally be tremendously cool. Said jersey comes from a very radical collection called Blood is The New Black, which, in addition to Bushwick jerseys, offers other extremely cool wardrobe essentials, like t-shirts that say “Shut the Fuck Up” or “Teen Spirit” or have a marijuana leaves pattern.

For a second I was afraid that I would have to go to one of the numerous stores on Knickerbocker and buy a real Bushwick jersey for $15. But no need to fret because we have a mall coming at the end of the year where we will maybe get our own Urban Outfitters store and we can all hopefully get fake Bushwick jerseys! Right here in Bushwick!!!

Thank you, @JessiePeterson for a tip!