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This Saturday is April 20th, otherwise known as 420. Whether you wake ‘n bake, are stoned all day, or just take a hit here and there, it’s the one day of the year dedicated to weed. Maybe you don’t even smoke weed! But you can appreciate the holiday for what it is. Celebrated around the world, there are many different theories about why that date was chosen. Among them are the police code theory, the San Rafael High School theory that in the 1970s a group of kids would get high at 4:20pm every day at a designated location, or the theory that the numbers in Bob Dylan’s “Rainy Day Women #12 & 35” equal a sum of 420 and contain the lyrics “Everybody must get stoned.” Others think that it has to do with the number of active chemicals in marijuana or even Hitler’s birthday. Whatever the origin, stoners around the world light up in honor of the precious plant.

We asked a bunch of Brooklynites what plans they had that day. One local artist said they were headed to Big Snow and added “Let’s get high! That’s what’s goin’ on!” Another replied with, “I’ll probably be stoned the entire day…I don’t know.” As we asked more and more people, I realized not a lot of people had set plans other than being really baked all day. We put together a list of the top events that will be happening on 4/20. Wake up, do your thing, watch some Adventure Time and head to one or more of these!




Not only is it the international day to get stoned, but also to a day to pay homage to your local, independently run record store! Started in 2007, Record Store Day brings together artists and record store owners for a day of performances, meet-n-greets, exclusive releases and other fun. The above link provides a list of what stores around New York will be participating this year.


9. Dinowalrus, Mean Creek, I Eat Paint, Gross Relations @ Shea Stadium (Saturday, 8 PM, $8)

Dinowalrus is psychedelic goodness. What else could you possibly ask for on 420?

8. HiGH ViBES @ Body Actualized (9 PM, $5-$12)

Body Actualized hosts a night of techno and acid house. Five artists (Terekke, Entro Senestre, PATRICIA, Robin Des, Iles, and Notempo) are performing their lives sets, with DJ Speculator spinning all night. They’ll have trippy projections match the music as well. Oh, and the backyard is open, meaning you’ll be able to hang outside and enjoy some early springtime breezes!



Brooklyn Wildlife, 95Labs, and Ohene Cornelius present a daylong festival dedicated to music videos. People will be able to learn about all aspects of the music video world, from production to art, and network with others in the field.  They’ll be screening music videos by over 15 guests and will have live music performances, DJs, art, food and tattoos.

6. Ava Luna, Grass is Green, Tremors II, CandyWhompus, Baked @Big Snow (Saturday 6pm, $7)

The 420 Monster Party over at Big Snow is shaping up to be another show geared towards the  holiday. The lineup is sure to align with the loyal “BYOW”.


5. COOL OUT 420 @ Bushwick Kitchen (11PM-4AM, FREE)

Bushwick Kitchen stops serving food and starts serving some dance hits. This late-night dance party will feature five DJs, including DJ Ripley, who has performed in 19 countries! They’ll also have $4 Sangria! Not a bad deal!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSHkEuCuhnE?rel=0&w=460&h=215]

4. WHORES-N-GOLD 4/20 PARTY w/ SWIZZYMACK & PROPER VILLAINS @ The Paper Box (10PM-5AM, $12 Advance/$15 Door, 21+)

Dancehall, trap, dubstep, club, electro and hip hop make up this party that’ll be going on all night long. Swizzymack, Proper Villains and Cobra Krames are among the eight DJs that’ll be spinning all night, as well as live performances by Klash City, Cuntmafia, and Jay Boogs. There’s no BYOB, but they’ll have a full bar and an outdoor smoking patio where you can hang!

3. SRING FEVER FESTIVAL @ Secret Project Robot (3PM-8PM, $12 Advance/$15 Door)

From 3-8, Secret Project Robot will invite us to enjoy some tulips in their outdoor area and live music by Quintron and Miss Pussycat, Black Dice and K-Holes. The day will surely include some crazy punk, psych, experimental, noise, and rock to your ears. Hopefully the flowers will convince you springtime is finally here.


2. THE REJECTION SHOW: 420 EDITION @ Union Hall (8PM, $8)

If you like to laugh (which hopefully you do or else you’re weird), come to Union Hall to witness some of New York City’s funniest comedians. They’ll be “sharing jokes that were written under the influence of ‘420’” and stories to go along with them. They’ll make you crack up with a compilation rejected material, complimenting the festivities of the day.

Party of the Weekend.

1. The Fort Brooklyn 10th Anniversary RADTASTIC ROCK SHOW Fundraiser @ The Fort (5PM-, $22.50 Advance/$25 Door)

Bushwick recording studio The Fort will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary with a black-tie fundraiser! For around $20, you can see Bushwick bands and eat and drink for FREE all day! Bands include Electric People, Our MountainThe NuclearsYouth QuakeVulture Shit and Atomic Hips. Not only will this be jam-packed with fun, you’ll be helping a good cause. The Fort is having a little trouble financially, so attending this event will really help. We wrote an article about it earlier this week that you can read here.


While you’re deciding what to do, here’s a quiz you can take to help you figure out what kind of stoner you are! Enjoy your 420!