Wreck Room Re-Opened and Is Ready for the Weekend

Wreckroom is open! (all photos by Katarina Hybenova)

In the ocean of slick “hipster chic” bars serving organic beers, all you sometimes want to do is to dive in to a bar that looks crappier than your bedroom, get hammered on cheap no-name whiskey, maybe play some pool, and sing-yell a Weezer song by the end of the night. Yes, that’s why some of us were pretty down when DNAinfo posted earlier this week that Wreck Room had been closed by the city because the Department of Health detected rodent activity there. We were unable to get in touch with the owner and find out more, so we checked out Wreck Room yesterday afternoon in person.

Wreck Room, to our surprise, was open and bartender Mimi was pouring beers to two lonesome dudes at the bar, while the afternoon light gently touched on the heavily graffitied walls.

“You guys re-opened?” we asked.

“Yeah…” said Mimi.

“So what exactly happened?” we asked.

“If you want a sensational title, you can say we had a fight night in the basement,” Mimi said with an irresistible charm.

“What about the rodents, Mimi?” naturally we were curious about our potential furry friends.

“I don’t know anything about that,” she said, and got back to watching TV.

So we took a couple of photos of the diviest of all the dive bars, and went home with a re-assuring feeling that there is a place to dive in if needed be.

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