Reading List: Who in Bushwick Got Press

Bushwick as a Super Mario World – work in progress (Image by courtesy of Art by Ken)

The gods of good press where very good to the Bushwick folk, and some big celebrations were undoubtedly held at several Bushwick apartments. Let’s see who from Bushwick was graced by The New York Times and other publications in the past week or so!

Adam Parker Smith is a rock star! This very entertaining Bushwick-based sculptor/conceptual artist curated a one-of-a-kind art show at Lu Magnus at LES. He has been visiting his friends and stealing their art and/or objects during the past year, accumulating about 60 stolen items. He exhibited the loot in an art show, and invited all his victims. The Times loved this shit, and so did we. [NY Times]

God knows how much we love Paul D’Agostino here at Bushwick Daily, and so we couldn’t stop dancing when this incredible artist scored a fancy review of his current solo show at Pocket Utopia in the LES by no one other than Roberta Smith! Read the review, and run to see his show before it gets raided by frantic art collectors! [NY Times]

Bushwick southern-style restaurant Mama Joy’s gets 3 stars in a review by New York Magazine! Yes, we love this place too! And let us tell you a secret: that “moonlighting line cook” who curates paintings in the restaurant mentioned in the review is actually Bushwick Daily’s contributing editor, Sean Alday! [NY Magazine]

The ridiculous Sunday curfew for Bushwick bars proposed by Community Board 4 got a gazillion mentions in the press this and last week. The one that we liked the most because it was actually researched and avoided perpetuating the wrong stereotypes (which we can’t say about NY Post) was the one written by Brooklyn Paper. [Brooklyn Paper]

Animal New York noticed a Super Mario Bros. style map of Bushwick. It is a project in preparation by Ken Kocses aka Art by Ken, and yes, Bushwick Daily can’t wait until it’s finished. The estimated date of completion: Bushwick Open Studios 2013! Stay tuned! [Animal NY]


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