Kodaline is the next level of Irish lads – pic courtesy of www.guardian.co.uk

Guess who is still alive and still going in 2013? I am celebrating my second anniversary of living in Bushwick, so you should celebrate with me! Let’s put on our Champion shoes and dance!

# 1 Kodaline – @ Mercury Lounge ( Thursday – TONIGHT! $10 7PM)

Sorry for being EMO, but this band just does it for me. Super hot lads, amazing music, and their song “All I want” was hit over 13 million times for their Google ad. Not too shabby. They go on at 8PM, so be there! Bring a tissue.

#2 Zula, Jane Eyre, Quiet Loudly , Slonk Donkerson @ Silent Barn  (Friday $7 8PM)

Quiet Loudly for the win. I cannot get enough of them. But I have never been to the Silent Barn, so this is just the perfect excuse to walk half a block from my crib, with a sippy cup. And I need to see the people behind the name Slonk Donkerson – I am coming for you.


Quiet Loudly are dreamy boys – pic courtesy of www.thedada.com

#3  Parquet Courts, Purling Hiss @ 285 Kent (Saturday $10 8 PM)

LET’S DO DIS. Parquet Courts are my newest obsession. This is the band to watch and I am so there. I am gonna be wearing comfy clothes to lose my mind without hurting myself…again. Boys meet your new groupie, err “Band Aid”

Parquet Courts going to be doing a little bit of this – pic courtesy of http://newonmyplaylist.com

#4 Isa GT, Alex Lemire @ Glasslands (Saturday 11:30PM $FREE)

This is strictly for the #StillGoing crew. Did someone say I’m invited back to Glasslands? Yes! Isa GT is legit. If electronic world beats is what you want, then look no further. I have my eye on her. She is a #Champion.

ISA GT – LEGIT! – Pic courtesy of http://generationbass.com

#5 Lliam Spills @ Bossa Nova Civic Club (Sunday 5PM $FREE)

I have been trying to avoid putting this place in my Top 5 because that means I will be running into ex-dates and new people, and it will become super popular. I am a possessive girl. However, this place is just the combination of retro, modern, Miami Vice, and loose morals. Whatever act this is; like most here will blow my mind. Engage brunch shades on this one.

Remember when buying me a drink, roofies dissolve better in Vodka.