It’s not like I was invited. In fact I was told that this pad is pretty full during Superbowl, and other dudes are even bringing their own chairs. What’s worse, I was even specifically asked not to invite Bushwick Daily readers. So guys, please do not crash this carefully crafted dude night celebrating what my glamorously European, female self thought was “Superball.” Regardless, I am sharing this invitation with all the ladies of Bushwick as a means to explore and maybe someday understand the complicated and fragile soul of a Bushwick dude.

Here it goes:

Let me know if you’re still down for this. It will be a fun, drunk group!


Sunday February 3rd at 6p (pretty sure 6:30p is kickoff)

DudePad 3000, Bushwick

Starring Beyonce

and 2 sports teams that will play a tournament in New Orleans!

   It’s that time of year again for my 6th annual TV Watching Gathering! Strangely enough, it happens to fall (again) on Superbowl Sunday. Fuckin’ weird, huh? I wanted to watch Downtown Abby with y’all but- YOU, dear friend, are on the TOP TIER for this invite because of limited seating. Let me know if you’ll come and who you’ll bring. Marc is required to bring a batshit crazy +1 to gain entry.

     Projection screen, surround sound yadda yadda. Same shit new place.

     The 2nd tier invites include more hot chicks and homosexuals, but also duds like Chris Dude and Mikey.

We’ll coordinate getting all this shit up to DudePad 3000:


Chips + salsa

Hot dogs & jello

Double edged dildos

Chicken wings



Pot Brownies


French ticklers

That grey cubed shit

Better beer (man wine)

Asthma inhalers

I’ll make my famous popcorn and maybe some chicken finger dip if some motherfucker has the recipe?