Everyone likes to think they know how to party. Especially on New Year’s Eve. You still hurting? Just getting out of the slammer cause your mom posted bail? Then you are not a CHAMPION like myself. You need to leave NYE to the amateurs and wait till this weekend to really pull a bender. Here are my top 5 bands to rectify your situation, my fellow ‘Wicks.

#1 Jen Jayden & The Greenstone, Tiger Dare, Courtney Graf, Emanuel Gibson, Damien Escobar, Agosto @Paperbox ( Friday, 8PM $7 )

Mellow vibes to sway? Looks like they booked everyone but the kitchen sink! Entire line up curated so nicely like a winter sweater. Feel it? Hmmmnnn. And I have a new girl crush in 2013. If you don’t hang on to your seat during the track titled “Home” by Jen Jayden & The Greenstone  you are getting your EMO card yanked! She reminds me of Linda Perry!

Jen Jayden & The Greenstone courtesy of http://www.jenniferjayden.com/


Hola Agosto, I love your video  Perpendicular ! Great to see one of my favorites cities I got asked to leave on the bill, BUENOS AIRES!!



#2 Moon Furies, Dirty Names, Stone Cold Fox, Everest Cale, Basement Batman @ Pianos ( Friday, 8PM $10 )

Want high energy and have a Metro Card? Head to see me rock out to Bushwick’s Moon Furies! Their single “La Cabeza” was reviewed in Rollingstone Magazine Germany! They are coming with some new songs at this gig too! There will be a dance party going on, so bring your sippy cup. I am going to be there with smeared eye liner and #FeelingIt . Bushwick supports local heros home and abroad.

Moon Furies

Plus being on the bill with Stone Cold Fox, is a step in the CHAMPION direction. “Give Up The Kids (Acoustic Version)” is a nice consolation prize.

Stone Cold Fox, fully assembled @ Pianos – Pic courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/stonecoldfoxmusic

#3 Bridges and Powerlines, Fan-Tan, Crazy Pills @ Union Hall (Saturday 8PM, $8 Advance, $10 At the door, slacker )

Yep, Still going! Bushwick Daily is pushing the boundaries again as we get grimey deep in the streets of Park Slope; just for you to get your sway on! Fan-Tan are Bushwick Daily’s darlings as they are kicking off 2013 same way they ended 2012; like CHAMPIONS. Hot out the gate, they just came back from their first LA gig, have a video thisclose to debut for their single “Window” ( Acoustic Version via NME here ) and a full length debut album titled “A Strange Game” via Goodnight Records dropping on March 26. So they are getting the #3 slot, because we need the world ( Park Slope ) to also enjoy the fruits of thy neighborhood labor.  Let’s carpool!

Fan-Tan playing @ Union Hall this Saturday. Support your local Bushwicks in foreign lands… of Park Slope! – pic courtesty of www.magiconic.com

#4 The Indecent, EULA, Black on Brown, & Shampoo @ Shea Stadium (Saturday, 8PM, $8)

Well well well, if it isn’t EULA.We love this band! Look at their press credentials and you will feel like a winner if you see them. They are gorgeous to watch, and so well rehearsed. Their days are numbered and will soon fly to the other regions, so don’t miss out.

Alyse just starts shows like this!

The Indecent also? Sold if you want to keep it local. I am keeping my eye on The Indecent. Their video to their track titled “Here Comes Another” is a 90’s Babes in Toyland meets L7 Grunge vibe and sound. Where is my baby doll dress?

The Indecent making everyone step up their 90’s grunge game. – Pic courtesy of www.theindecent.com

#5 Joey Anderson, Jordan Rothlein @ Cameo (Sunday 8 PM, $10)

“A CHAMPION is someone who gets up when he can’t ” – Jack Dempsey. If you have made it to #5, then you are #1 in my book. I need to see Jordan Rothlein. I am dedicating my Sunday to the black crack brigade just past Bushwick at Cameo. Especially since we are Twitter buddies. Let’s all get on the dancefloor, and use what is left of what we put in our bodies over the weekend for a safe landing, shall we? Jordan has a record collection to die for, and regularly discusses it over several of his websites he writes for. My favorite is Little White Ear Buds.

Jordan is serving up some black crack @ Cameo Gallery – pic courtesy of http://tabletennis.fm/

Remember 2013 is year of the CHAMPION. I am hitting these spots hard, so let’s not ruin this with names. #FindMe