A glance at the list of events this weekend made me scream a little, and when I took a closer look I was screaming for sure. Apologies to my cats and neighbors but this weekend will be EPIC! With Art Basel Miami and Holidays in December, we haven’t seen too many art openings lately. Well, cry no more! Friday will be a big night for art, so have an extra cup of coffee before you go out! After you’re done with all the openings, we suggest some dancing to keep you warm! And not just any dancing, but some proper Bushwick wilderness… Are you ready? Let’s go!



#1 Adam Parker Smith @ Storefront Bushwick (Friday, 6-9PM)

The legends about the butt/vaginas sculptures made of foam, bungee rope and donuts have been circulating far beyond Bushwick for the longest time after Bushwick Basel during BOS 2012. The craze about Adam Parker Smith, an artist whose medium is everything, is rightfully hysterical. The butts are not the only type of art Adam makes; in fact the only thing his pieces have in common is that grin you will surely find on your face. Guys, this Friday, whether you love or hate art, Adam Parker Smith is a must see!


#2 The Order of Things @ NURTUREart (Friday, 6-9PM)

At NURTUREart  they are reflecting on recent apocalyptic predictions and the way they shifted the universe. A group of artists (Lisha Bai, Leah Beeferman, Ethan Greenbaum, Elisa Lendvay, Demetrius Oliver, Allyson Vieira, and Joe Winter) address cosmological hierarchy through their experimental studio practice.

#3 Closing Reception for On the Grid @ OUTLET Fine Art (Friday, 7:30PM)

Yesterday, we wrote about Outlet Fine Art and how much we love this easy-flow Bushwick gallery. Their current show, On the Grid is closing this Friday, and you should not miss the chance to see some really good sampling of urban and street art (A City of Children, Jilly Ballistic, El Sol 25, Jason Eppink, John Redmann, Jowy Romano, Matthew Silver, Enrico Miguel Thomas) Also they have a raffle!


#4 Why so Serious? @ Weeknights (Friday, 7:30PM)

Similarly to Outlet Fine Art, also Jen Hitchings and her gallery Weeknights belongs to the young and awesome generation of Bushwick gallerists. On Friday night, go check out a big group show of hilarious art. We can’t wait!


#5 Adrift in your ocean, trying to find my way @ Brooklyn Wayfarers (Sunday, 6-9PM)

Brooklyn Wayfarers is an artists studio building and a gallery space. Their tradition is to do openings on Sunday nights, which works pretty well with the always art-crowded Bushwick Fridays. Go check out the solo show of David (scout) McQueen who will present a series of re-imagined works of Vincenzo Gamba (Galilei), the illegitimate son of Galileo Galilei.


#6 now what @ Microscope Gallery (Monday, 7PM)

Albeit not during the weekend, and that is not during the weekend even with my loose European interpretation of it, Microscope Gallery has a very interesting event on Monday. “now what,” is a night of screening and moving image performance curated from an international open call. The three programs include: a wide-range of mostly new and recent works from established to emerging artists working with Super 8mm or 16mm film, digital video, video games, appropriated footage (from Youtube, Google & other sources), music video, performance and more. Look also forward to five live projection performances, live sound, multiple projectors, and dance. The event is taking place at Running Rebel Studios, neighbors to Microscope Gallery.




#1 1st Apartment Show @ Silent Barn (Thurday, 8PM)

After a TON of expectations, it is here. Missed for a long time, Silent Barn has finally opened its gates! Tonight they are inviting us all to the first apartment show with bands, bday party and maybe-bacon.


#2 Tunnel Vision – Bookworms vs Ital All Night Long @ Bossa Nova Civic Club (Friday, 9PM)

Bossa Nova Civic Club is a brand new unique night and dance club right on Myrtle Ave. Co-owned by a veteran of the rave scene, John Barclay, Bossa Nova won’t bring anything else the a full night out experience with vinyls, DJs and dancing.

#3 Savages @ Blackhole (Saturday, 10PM)

Here at Bushwick Daily nothing makes us happier than to discover a new DIY venue. Blackhole on 53 Wilson seems to be one of them. Go check it out on Saturday for “NEW TECHNO HOUSE WAVE FUNK MACHINE DIGITAL VIDEO WAX.”

#4 Modular System for 1-6 Musicians @ Fitness Gallery (Saturday, 11AM-12AM)

Fitness Gallery is a new storefront gallery on Myrtle Ave across the street from Little Skips. On Saturday they have an interesting durational music performance going on. They will bring to life Richard Kamerman’s epic composition “MODULAR SYSTEM FOR 1 to 6 MUSICIANS.” During the 13 hours of performance, they expect many interesting occasional guests to show up. So show up too and dance in the street with them.


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