On a Saturday, I went to Paper Box for a punk rock powerhouse where Malcolm, Cool SerbiaTeam SpiritUnstoppable Death Machines, and (my personal favorite), Japanther all played.  All of the bands are from or formed in Brooklyn. It was my first time in the industrial space. The drinks were strong and the bands were excellent.

Team Spirit’s mellow sound was a perfect way to ease into the show. The lead singer, the former synth-player of Passion Pit (think sleepy-hee-ee-eee-eee-aaaa–aaaaa-d), is the force behind the band.  His catchy indie-pop songs got the crowd dancing.  They’ve played many venues before and are really getting good from the experience.

Sidenote: when I googled Team Spirit was was happy to find out that their music video for Fuck the Beach is genius.

Japanther’s set was amazing. They played songs from their latest and first records Leather Wings, and from their much older EPs like Skuffed up my Huffy. You could tell by the crowd’s excitement that the veterans of the local music scene are welcome always really fondly. The mosh pit was wild with every song they played.

I sat at the bar and drank a PBR and took a shot of Jameson and watched the brothers from the Unstoppable Death Machine from afar. Their heavier sound was the best way to end the night.  The songs from their EP, We Come in Peace kept the crowd seriously rockin.’