For a proper

Pre-Festival weekend

, I like to visit venues that I will most likely not remember because I will be head banging or beer tossing. It appears calm at first, but checking out my hood I found these gems. I will be there; tennis racket in hand ready to get served. 30 Love suckas’

#1 EULA, Quiet Loudly, Passenger Peru, Maquina Supervium & Libel @ Shea Stadium (Friday, doors 8pm)

Friday Night – I am going with Shea Stadium. One, anything with Stadium in the name sounds pretty baller to say. “Yeah, I am heading to the Stadium for a quick one.” I want to check out Eula, and Quiet Loudly. Plus, it is a record release party for Passenger Peru. $5 Cover. Feel me? Find Me.

#2 Lazy Eyes, The Can’t Tells, Clinical Trials, Advaita @ Delinquency (Friday, 9pm)

What was that? Another choice for Friday? Don’t mind if I do. Never Plan B; Delinquency has a line up I like to call “An Exploration in Jenna’s Ailments.”  Lazy Eyes, The Can’t Tells, Clinical Trails, Advaita, Low Fat Getting High. Yes,  as a matter of fact I am single.  And The Can’t Tells tune “Lying to Myself” is bouncing around my head. Who are you? I am finding out.

#3 Navel, Lighteater, Le Goons, Dead NIght @ XPO929 (Saturday, doors 7pm)

After I throw back a few Classy Cocktails at Tradesmen Saturday night across the street from me, I am rolling out to XPO 929. This band called Navel from Switzerland are playing, and God Bless this neutral Country. Because these are some fine looking gents. $6/$8 at the door.  I am falling in love with this venue. Hey XPO, call me.

#4 f you are like me and like to conduct a Last Man Standing Contest; I’ve got news. You’re gonna lose. Saturday I am looking for an afterhours. Throwing down some Jameson with mah’ homies and rallying; because I never give…

#5 Dead Leaf Echo, Avoxblue, Stereo Telescope @ Delinquency (Sunday, 8pm) 

Sunday? That is what Sunglasses are for right? I will be coming with the hungover vibes to catch Dead Leaf Echo, Avoxblue, Stereo Telescope at Delinquency.  Yes twice in one weekend. This new joint is packed come CMJ, and Dead Leaf Echo is a pleasant surprise for this Hollywood girl transplant to the Wick’. So get in on this.