RIP Night Manager

We give a small tribute to one of Bushwick’s great breakout bands, Night Manager, who decided to call it quits last week. The band, who dashed around the BK music scene with brass, punk-garage tunes, first made a name for themselves in 2010 and played as recently as last month. The band is known for their widespread appeal (they have fans in Europe!) and unique sound- difficult to label, it falls somewhere between rock and operatic punk. And it’s very Brooklyn. There’s beauty trapped in the webs of their haunting lo-fi sound, bursting vibrato guitar and static drums falling in tune to lead singer Caitlin’s soaring, classically-trained vocals that produce spooky harmonies.

Since then, the band released 3 EPS and 2 singles on bandcamp, all to high esteem. The band became a regular name to perform at any and all parties in BK, especially on bills with other Bushwicky bands Total Slacker and DIIV. The sky seemed the limit for the band, whose sound only became more haunting and unique as time went on- not even a year ago they were name an “On the Edge” band by CMJ. And just earlier this summer they were mentioned on MTV iggy! What went wrong with the band? We’ll never know, but Ezana Edwards of the band release a love-oozing statement:

We’d like to thank the fans who supported us! People we don’t know in far-away places we’ve never been appreciate Night Manager—that’s such a heavy thought! I feel like you guys are inspiration for me to keep going and keep creating new music. Thanks everyone who’s been associated with Night Manager: Catilin, Tim, Tassy, Jordyn and Clarke. These are all great people who will continue making music so be sure to keep up with their future projects.

And what did David Tassy, the most characteristic member of the band (who’s now become a permanent member of Total Slacker) have to say about the bittersweet ending of the group? To quote Tommy Pickles of Rugrats, I Enjoyed my time but Baby’s gotta do what a baby’s gotta do. Well said, Tassy.

Plus, as a final farewell gift to their fans, the band left their legacy by releasing their best EP to date, self-titled Night Manger. Listen to it below or over at their bandcamp or soundcloud below. SWEEET.

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