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Snap out of that post-Thanksgiving food coma by attending one of these great gigs this week:

Wednesday, December 4 

Mark Fletcher Studio Benefit at Trans-Pecos, 8 p.m.

Image courtesy of The Mark Fletcher Studio 

Wednesday night’s show at Trans-Pecos features a star-studded cast of local acts benefitting the Mark Fletcher Studio.  Mark Fletcher, who sadly passed away earlier this year, was active in the New York rock scene for fifteen years as an artist, promoter, and fan. The non-profit studio space was established by his closest friends and family as a platform for musicians to pursue their dreams and share their stories.  The night will feature performances by Sharkmuffin, Bueno, Odetta Hartman, Wallet, and Greem Jellyfish, plus an all-star jam with members of Mark’s bands—sham-poo, Shapes, Stringer, Zomber, and Newport Reds. Plus, an array of raffle prizes!

Thursday, December 5

Tallies, Honey Cutt at Alphaville, 8 p.m.

Image courtesy of Adhoc

Toronto’s Tallies are back in Brooklyn after releasing their powerful self-titled debut in January. They’re a perfect swirl of dream-pop haze and shoegaze fuzz. This bill also features the surfy pop of Boston’s Honey Cutt, who shared their latest single “Suburban Dream,” back in July. You can get both via New York City-based label Kanine Records.

Friday, December 6

Ricky Hell and The Voidboys, Smock, Mary Vision at The Broadway, 8 p.m.

Image courtesy of The Broadway

Ricky Hell and The Voidboys are sharing their first release on Brooklyn based Greenway Records this week. The record, titled L’Appel Du Vide, features songs that have been described as lo-fi gutter pop and a smattering of fuzzy psychedelic guitars. Two other great acts with psychedelic leanings, Smock and the Mary Vision, are also performing.  Mary Vision just shared a trippy new music video for their single, “Yes It Is,” and are planning to release their debut full length in early 2020. 

Saturday, December 7

Deep Sea Peachtree, The Down and Outs, Qwam, Lackadazies at Our Wicked Lady, 7:30 p.m.

Image courtesy of The Bloodless Management

Since its formation earlier this year, Bloodless Management has consistently curated some of the best shows in Brooklyn. Saturday night at Our Wicked Lady is no exception, as attendees will be treated to performances by two young up and comers Deep Sea Peach Tree and The Down and Outs. Also performing are the noisy Lackadazies and the ferocious Qwam, who released a banger of an album earlier this year.

Cover photo courtesy of Deep Sea Peach Tree.

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