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On a brisk Thursday evening, I visited designers and architects, Lauren Lochry and Jeff Gillway at their home-turned-studio space in the Bushwick lofts. Delicately curated and clad in raw wood and worn leather, their loft ushered a warm tranquility that immediately cured the windburn stinging my cheeks. The couple is originally from Arizona, but have been living in New York for the past few years with hopes of expanding their creative horizons with their company Ridge House. Founded in 2017, Ridge House utilizes the couple’s talents and expertise in architecture and design to not only exhibit their own artistic vision, but serve as a space for other artists to use for their creative pursuits. 

Lochry and Gillway moved to Bushwick five months ago from East Williamsburg.“There’s an energy here that is so inspiring, and we want to contribute to it in some way,” Gillway said about the artist community in Bushwick. “From the people we meet to the furniture we find on the street, Bushwick still has a rare creative energy that is very true to New York.” That being said, they are looking to connect with artists in the community to collaborate with on future projects.

Ridge House Studio Brooklyn. photos courtesy of Lauren Lochry

The Ridge House Loft is both delicate and rustic; handmade ceramics such pieces by Wild Bower Studio and VIRGINIA SIN are displayed on the shelves. Much of the mid-century furniture were lucky scores plucked from the streets of Bushwick that the couple cleaned up. “We try to make our spaces feel very native to the location they’re in- we want to bring local artists into the spaces to reflect the community,” Gillway said. Taking inspiration from local shops like Reuse America and Other Times, Ridge House is a vintage lover’s dream. 

Ridge House also has spaces in Pennsylvania. “We gut renovated and designed the houses with their histories in mind,” Lochry said. “It’s allowed us to hone our craft, because we’re the contractors, we’re the architects, designers and everything.” Lochry and Gillway build each space with intention. Drawing inspiration from nature, Japanese design, and antiques, every detail from wooden spoons in the kitchen to framed feathers adds to the feeling they’re trying to evoke.

Ridge House Alder House in Pennsylvania. All photos courtesy of Lauren Lochry.

Gillway and Lochry also keep sustainability in mind with their work. “We could spend $300 on something from IKEA to have it fall apart, or we can use that $300 to support an artisan or local business to make us something that will last forever,” they told Bushwick Daily. 

Recently, the Brooklyn location was the set for an NYU short film, as well as a photoshoot. However, Lochry and Gillway hope to eventually work with artists and creative companies across all mediums from fine art to clothing. “We want to get to a point where we can pay artists and support artists,” Lochry said, “Whether we rent work for them or work with local photographers to do shoots in our studio, we want to do as much for the art community as possible.” In the past, Ridge House has worked with Fort Standard, Tom Breglia, and Two Trees Studio

Ridge House Alder House in Pennsylvania. All photos courtesy of Lauren Lochry.

Ridge House Brooklyn is located on Moore Street. For more information, You can find them on their website or on their Instagram.

Cover image: Ridge House Studio Brooklyn. Photo courtesy of Lauren Lochry

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