Text, photos, gifs by Katarina Hybenova


A big glowy yellow summer sun was going down behind the industrial wasteland of Meserole Street. An abundance of street art, big black limos (!!!), a line of people waiting in front of the door. It was Saturday evening, and arguably the coolest event in New York was happening right there in East Williamsburg Industrial Park.

The Well/The Wick has been rumored about since February 2012 when the first pieces of information leaked out. “Gigantic. Amazing. Enormous,” were the words of Maria Gotay, our contributor who earned herself a super-secret preview of the venue a couple of months ago.

This past Saturday, we finally got a chance to look “inside” The Well and see for ourselves what has been cooking at the enormous warehouse at  Meserole St.

The first party at The Well took place outdoors in its large yard. Had the yard not been surrounded by piles of industrial material, we would have had amazing view of the endless industrial park surrounding us. We didn’t have a chance to see the actual space, but the outdoors show gave us sufficient flavor of what can be expected in the months to come. The Well is a high-end venue, and by high-end I mean high-end in the best possible sense. The creators of the venue took the Bushwick hipness, industrially romantic aesthetics and world class music, and mashed it together to arrive on the scene just in time.

The headliner of the night was Cam’ron, a rapper from Harlem assisted by a Flatbush Zombies, and Asaad & Reese. After a (rather rough) security check nothing could prevent you from joining the super hip crowd and from enjoying the insane fun. People were in the perfect mood and by the time Cam’ron arrived on the scene they were also warmed up by the great DJ sets and acts of Plain Pat, Brooklyn Dawn and Osh Kosh among others.  Cam’ron’s performance was respectable and made everyone feel like a king of the day.

Looking at the calendar of the upcoming shows at The Well, we can expect some more big names on the verge of a giant break through. The tickets range from $20-35, the beer goes for $6. But coming to The Well is well worth it, and feels like taking yourself on a really awesome date…





Check out the more photos of the fabulous crowd at The Well:

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