Shopping at Hi Mango – New Natural Market in Bushwick

By Katarina Hybenova


“We opened last Tuesday,” said a girl smiling behind the counter at Hi Mango. The newest addition to the natural grocery stores in the area just opened on 1055 Flushing Ave.  After a tweet from @palekid I was really curious whether Hi Mango will be good alternative to get some quality food and produce or essentially a really healthy rip off.

I went to do my regular basic shopping on Sunday afternoon. You know, yogurt-vegetables-kind of stuff. (Also please note that I am a vegetarian, so no meat on my shopping list… ).

The store looks nice with a some good deals on produce right at the entrance.















Overall, the shopping experience at Hi Mango is a nice one. You can get really good deals on produce but otherwise the prices are in (higher) average. As a vegetarian I was a little disappointed about the lack of soy products besides ordinary tofu. Luckily the cat-themed shopping bag made it better…

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