1.21 Gigawatts is not just the amount of power that goes into making Doc Brown’s time machine work and it’s not JUST a Brooklyn-based magazine that writes about local music but also a curator of great shows featuring bands from the neighborhood and beyond. Last years Gigawatts Festival was a two-day long extravaganza featuring Total Slacker, Life Size Maps and Celestial Shore to name a few. This year, from Thursday, July 17 to Sunday July 20, your faces will melt from the amount of amazing music that will be brought to you by 1.21 Gigawatts and sponsored by Brooklyn BreweryBlack Bell RecordsUber and Rukkus. You can get a pass for all four days for only $22, or buy tickets for individual nights: $8 for Thursday, $13 for Friday or Saturday. The venues this year include Radio BushwickHot 97.4, and a house show location TBA… Here’s what you can look forward to…


On Thursday night (tonight!) at Radio Bushwick, check out the dreamy, glitch-pop sounds of Vensaire and Brooklyn four-piece, Piers‘, organic folk-family band tunes. Don’t miss the jangly, punk outfit BLUFFING and DJs Guyanna Ross and Johnny Aries.


Starting at 4pm on Friday, a slew of fantastic bands including Bushwick favorites Gunfight!, Shark? and The Teen Age will be performing as well as the echo-y, blistering ONWE and post-punk female-fronted band, Field Mouse. Don’t forget about the electronic, ethereal sounds of Infinity Shreds and Frankie Cosmos‘ lo-fi, lonesome bedroom tunes as you go through your day, music dancing in and our of your eardrums.


Saturday, make your way back to Radio Bushwick at noon for a full day of music with Fiasco, Heliotropes, Slonk Donkerson, The Due Diligence, Mayor Creep and much more. Enjoy the blazing, garage rock of Dances, rockin’ post-punkers Roses, and the grunge-y/alt-rock revival sounds of Ceramics. Remember to check out the catchy- surf-rock tunes of Honduras and the raw punk elements of Slothrust as you rock out all day long.


Lastly, as an incentive to by the $22 pass, on Sunday, pass holders only get to attend the final show at a secret location featuring Team Spirit and their dance-y big-rock songs with catchy hooks and exciting melodies. This also includes Celestial Shore, Easy Peasy (mem. Punks of Mars), Granny and Bourgeois Bulletwound who are as avant guard and twangy as their name implies.

The Gigawatts Festival begins today, and the amount of bands that you don’t want to miss is endless, so get your passes here and save yourself the heartache of missing such an all-inclusive local festival. Don’t forget to check in next week to read Bushwick Daily’s coverage of the fest with photos, a playlist and show highlights! See you this weekend!