Bushwick galleries are kicking up the pace as we enter into the mid-summer scape. While the rest of the art world may be on vacation (oh we’re not jealous of the sand, surf and sun they’re experiencing—okay maybe we are…) we are experiencing more commotion from the current set. Bushwick’s summer kids are in a sort of microcosm—a community that’s stayed behind and kept the momentum going, anxious to see what one another are creating in the heat of the thriving summer tide.

#1 “Kaleidoscope 2” @ Space 776 (THURS 6-9 PM)

“Kaleidoscope 2” (Image courtesy of Gabriel Hopson, design by Seungjae Lee)

Back in February we suggested the group show “Kaleidoscope” featuring an assortment of artists exploring the unpredictable while converging like the inside components of a kaleidoscope. Now curator Gabriel Hopson has invited the group back for a sequel in “Kaleidoscope 2”. Further investigating the artist’s progress and layering upon discoveries made during the previous show may reveal to us a new randomness or fragmentation—possibly forecasting new narratives for “Kaleidoscope 3”?

#2 “Aaron Miller: Miners” @ Dress Shop (THURS. 7-10 PM)

Aaron Miller, “La Grande Odalisque Miner”, coal and graphite on panel (Image courtesy of the artist )

Prepare to be seduced in Aaron Miller’s lustrous series “Miners” in the Dress Shop’s first exhibition. The show opens with an enchanting display of neoclassical female portraits illustrated with the face and countenance of coal miners, utilizing actual coal dust to further conceptualize the piece. Here, two lives and essentially two worlds—the lavish and the rugged—are brought to light via raw materials and silvery graphite. Luring us in with metallic shine and glowing pieces, Aaron dresses up the lavish and the rugged, characterizing the two subjects in a passionate union.

#3 “RENTAL HAVENS: Paintings by Milo Wissig” @ Armature Art Space (FRI 7-11 PM)

Milo Wissig, “Hot Tub” (Image courtesy of the artist)

You may have spotted his painting Unpacking amid the hootenanny of works in the current Life on Mars’ Summer Invitational “Never Mind the Bollocks” (up through August 10th). Now Milo Wissig makes his way over to Armature Art Space for his solo show “Rental Havens” opening this Friday night (music and treats will accompany the show)!

You’ll catch a personal glimpse into a series of intimate moments captured by Milo, showcasing his study of cramped and cluttered spaces where his subjects live, work, and make art. Rich layers of oil and acrylic mix and mold the paintings, capturing the tenderness Milo observes in his subjects.

#4 “U:L:O: Part II” @ INTERSTATE (FRI 6-9 PM)

“U:L:O: Part II”, (Clockwise: Blonde Art Books, Jamel Shabazz, CAVE. All images courtesy of Interstate)

INTERSTATE kicks up the group show pace with “U:L:O:”, their annual curatorial program of concurrent exhibitions—each inhabiting one of the three spaces at the gallery (Upper, Lower, and Outside). In case you missed “U:L:O: Part I” earlier this summer, this review by Art in America will catch you up and prepare you for Part II.

Now Ben Gocker curates “INSIDE OUT” showcasing powerful imagery recorded during two different artist’s involvement in the prison system (one from behind bars), to be viewed in the upstairs gallery. The lower level will be transformed into a cinema setting with “This Summer” by Blonde Art Books with screenings of several preview reels accompanied by corresponding publications.

Detroit-based collective CAVE comes to Bushwick for a brave interaction with the elements in “Paper in the Sky”. They’ll leave a collection of paper works to the chances of weather from within Interstate’s courtyard. If you find yourself walking down Knickerbocker Avenue at some point in the show’s duration, take a look into the show’s evolving state!

#5 “Marni Kotak: MAD MEDS” @ Microscope Gallery (FRI 6-9 PM)

Marni Kotak, “Abilify Wean”, aluminum photo emulsion plaque (Image courtesy of the artist and Microscope Gallery)

Performance artist Marni Kotak is back at Microscope Gallery for her 6-week durational installation piece “Marni Kotak: Mad Meds”. Expect a sincere environment featuring anything from a gold-leafed bed to a Fabergé egg as Marni assuages her attempt of withdrawal from various prescribed medicines. With this exhibition the artist suggests an alternative approach to dealing with the “madness” she experiences, also addressing personal struggles with US medical system following treatment for post-partum depression (she gave birth to her son as a live performance inside Microscope Gallery for “The Birth of Baby X” back in October 2011).

You might take a look inside one of her centerpieces: “All the Meds I Took”,  an ornate gold medicine cabinet filled with the empty containers of the medicines Marni still consumes while in the weaning process.

#6 “UNNECESSARY SUSPICIOUS” @ Silent Barn Art Center (FRI 6-10 PM)

“UNNECESSARY SUSPICIOUS” at Silent Barn Art Center (Image courtesy of The Center for Strategic Art And Agriculture)

Art and urban agriculture are reimagined in the upcoming concert event “UNNECESSARY SUSPICIOUS” this Friday night in the Silent Barn Art Center. Presented by The Center for Strategic Art and Agriculture, the venue will be transformed to feature video art by seemanho, installation works by Bryan Zanisnik and music organized by Echo Music with sounds from The Underground Channel, Torpid May and Reonda.