Get in Your Fireworks and Great Music: Top Shows This Weekend

It’s that time again! America’s Birthday; another great reason to have outdoor shows, BBQ everything in sight and celebrate for the entire four days whether or not you have any patriotism in your bones. This weekend, enjoy some outdoor all day events and then find a rooftop to watch the fireworks over the East River! There will be a lot of competing events on the 4th, and our advice is to GO TO ALL OF THEM. Then Instagram it. Just show hop like a pro, and get a little bit of everything in. Spend the days adjacent to the 4th checking out some great bands throughout the Williamsburg and Brooklyn area and rocking out Independence Day style, just like Katie Perry.

#10 Summerjam VI: PC Worship, A.M. Gems, Bueno, Colin L Orchestra @ Shea Stadium (FRI 6PM, $7)

This is an eclectic, definitely summer-y show and the place to be in the early evening on the 4th. Enjoy the mellow fingerpicking melodies of A.M. Gems and the eccentric country-folk rock of the Colin L Orchestra. Never been to Shea Stadium on the 4th, however they do holidays pretty well, so there are bound to be some exciting times and you will most likely see an array of fireworks going off from the balcony.

#9 Mitski, Hello Shark, Attic Abasement, Small Wonder, Told Slant, Crying, Old Table, High Pop @ The Ho_se (FRI 3PM, $10)

JMC Aggregate is hosting this fantastic day show, also on the 4th, another reason why it is necessary to hop around all day. Don’t miss Mitski with her songbird style vocals and riveting instrumentals. This show seems to be a super chill, lo-fi show with bands like Hello Shark and Attic Abasementand the organic bedroom indie rock of Told Slant. There are so many incredible bands on this bill that it is impossible to go through the highlights of them all. Just wear red white and blue and rock the fuck out.


#8 High North, Brachiosaurus, Giancarlo Bracchi @ Cameo Gallery (SAT 8PM, $8 adv./$10 door)

Spend your evening on 5th of July with these extremely epic bands at Cameo Gallery. Enjoy the subtle, sci-fi soundtrack-styles of Brachiosaurus and the post-punk edge-y sounds of High North! If you are quick enough, you could possibly win tickets to this show through here.

#7 Cara Bella Presents: Invisible Familiars, Andra, Cold Front, The Due Diligence @ Baby’s All Right (SAT 8PM, $8 adv./$12 door)

Invisible Familiars is releasing their new record and celebrating with this fantastic show put on by Cara Bella Presents. Also playing is glitchy, songwriter Andra and Philadelphia indie rockers, Cold Fronts. Don’t forget about The Due Diligence and their garage-rock style. After you’ve burnt out your Friday with fireworks and running around Bushwick and Williamsburg, just take a breather then drink some red bull and run out to Baby’s All Right for a good time!

#6 Widowspeak, Zachary Cale @ Union Pool (SAT 2PM, FREE!)

Yet another free show at the good ole Union Pool and Summer Thunder 2014, which features free daytime shows in their back yard all summer long. This show features Brooklyn bands Widowspeak and Zachary Cale, both promising a lowkey, laid back show with “weird stuff” as the event description promises. Perhaps this will include some post-USA birthday craziness.

#5 Tomboy, “Mute Benny”, “Lucifer’s Stoned Desciples”, Cuddle Formation, Alice, and more! @ Silent Barn (FRI 2PM, $7)

A birthday celebration on multiple levels, this all day show has some surprises in store. You may never have heard of “Mute Benny,” but if you think long and hard and troll the Internet a bit you may be excited to discover who this may be. Boston’s Tomboy, will be wielding their sassy girl power-inspired tunes as Cuddle Formation plays their Microphone-esque experimental folk rock. And there’s even more bands on top of that! Perhaps you can bring some sparklers and celebrate all day long with these rad bands.

#4 Secret Guest, Happy Lives, The Yin Yangs, Chimes, Water @ Palisades (SUN 7PM, $5)

Palisades has some really great shows coming up and including this show on Sunday.  Psychic Pokémon presents a post independence day extravaganza with Happy LivesThe Yin Yangs and more. There is even slated to be a secret guest, and goodness knows that we love secret guests. Perhaps it will be Uncle Sam or a Katie Perry impersonator.

#3 Hundred Waters, Mas Ysa @ Glasslands (SAT 8PM, $12)

If you want to see some music that really pulls at the heartstrings but maintains the ability to not be a 90’s ballad, Glasslands is where you want to be on Saturday night. Hundred Waters, described as Art-rock by the New York Times has beautifully chilling vocals and riveting instrumentals. Also playing is Mas Ysa, the moniker of Canadian solo artist Thomas Arsenault, now making whispy, experimental music out of New York.

#2 Black Lips, Night Birds, Special Guest @ House of Vans (THURS 7PM, FREE w/RSVP)

This show is unfortunately already sold out, but it’s too good not to mention, and perhaps you can find some people who aren’t using their tickets or finagle your way inside. If not you can wear American Flag short shorts, make a playlist of all your favorite Black Lips songs and sing at the top of your lungs in your bedroom or living room with friends. As a tribute of sorts…

#1 Spirit Family Reunion, Odetta Hartman, Gunfight! @ Brooklyn Night Bazaar (FRI 7PM, FREE)

Of all local Bushwick musicians, no has made it clearer that they love America more than Post-country howlers, Gunfight! Just look at them! With a Springsteen-inspired energy and and an Americana feel, there is no doubt that the band you want to spend 4th of July dancing your ass off to is Gunfight! And they are only the first band on this amazing Brooklyn Night Bazaar bill. They will be playing with folk-country throwback’s Odetta Hartman as well as Spirit Family Reunion with their homegrown, folk-influenced ditties. This is bound to be the perfect show to celebrate with, stepping outside after Gunfight! to watch the fireworks behind the building. You also get to check out all the America themed crafts that will hopefully be for sale. One should hopefully be able to buy an american flag potholder and iPhone case at this event. Enjoy and Happy 4th!






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