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While there are still ridiculously cold days, we can all be thankful that spring is (mostly) here and finally we can party outdoors… or continue to hang indoors, thankful we can do so without giant coats.  We can potentially start our hangouts earlier and possibly outdoors, and maybe even have a backyard BBQ. FINALLY! So check out the variety of daytime shows/parties happening this weekend (inlcuding backyard BBQs!!!) as well as a selection of great local bands, and fun times for all!

#10 Tonstartssbandht, Lodro, AJ Davila y Terror Amor, Cassie Ramone, Plastics Pinks @ Trans Pecos (SUN 6PM, $8)

You will have to wait until Sunday for this one, but it is bound to be a fantastic evening. Show up at 6 for a pre-show BBQ and finish up the night with some fantastic bands like Brooklyn’s Cassie Ramone and New York-based Tonstartssbandht, whose name is completely unpronounceable, but their music is pretty fantastic.


#9 Haybaby, Napoleon, Beiju, Onwe @ Brooklyn Fireproof (FRI 9PM, $5)

Brooklyn Fireproof is having a Day of the Dead/ Pre-Cinco De Mayo celebration this Friday with some rad music and beer specials! Brooklyn three-piece Haybaby will be playing their grunge-inspired, indie rock and when bands aren’t playing you can hangout in the out door area on picnic tables and drink things!


#8 Arc Waves, Blackstone Rangers, Dead Leaf Echo, Tyburn Saints @ Radio Bushwick (FRI 7:30PM, $7)

Check out this dreamy show on Friday night at Radio Bushwick, showcasing some local bands like ambient shoe gazers Dead Leaf Echo and Bushwick’s Arc Waves. You are bound to be swept off to a dream-like state and dance until you feel dizzy. Enjoy!


#7 Sam Yield, Bill Bartholomew, Cave Days @ Vinyl Fantasy (THURS 6:30, FREE)

Bushwick’s own tiny but wonderful Vinyl Fantasy is having an early evening acoustic show in their shop on Thursday night. They will be featuring three local musicians all of whom bring their own flavor to their acoustic sounds.

#6 Empires, Monogold, The Teen Age @ Cameo Gallery (THURS 8PM, $10)

Here’s an awesome show for you. Bushwick’s beloved Teen Age with be at Cameo Thursday night rocking their fifties infused-garage rock. Also playing is Monogold with their jangly, summer sounds, and finally Empires. It’s gonna be a rockin’ night at Cameo Gallery!


#5 Sunflower Bean, Haybaby, Beach Arabs, Journalism, Doubting Thomas Cruise Control @ 94 Evergreen (SAT 3PM, $6)

Slackgaze Zine has put together this showcase for Saturday afternoon. The show is a fundraiser for a new Slackgaze space, and there will be so many good bands, a grill, a fire pit AND free beer from Brooklyn Brewery! What is there not to love?!?


#4 What Cheer? Brigate, REV. Vince Anderson, The Love Supreme, Bueno @ Brooklyn Night Bazaar (FRI 7PM, FREE!)

If you haven’t been to any shows at Brooklyn Night Bazaar, this is the one to go to. Glad Tidings and Animal New York are bringing you a special Night Bazaar, about 30% of the people there will be members of these bands, seeing as there are about a bazillion members in each. Horns are involved in all the bands performing, and most likely you will feel super romantic and inspired to grab the asses of everyone nearby, especially during The Love Supreme, who were present at our very our Pre-Valentines day Bash, so clearly, they are a romantic bunch.


#3 Terror Amor (A.J. Davila), Plastic Pinks, Shocked Minds, GunFight! @ Cake Shop (FRI 9PM, $10)

Brooklyn-based Post-country rockers, Gunfight!, are playing their last show with their long-term bass player this Friday night. Based on their website image for this show, and their sentimental description of the times with their bassist, this show is most-likely going to be ridiculous and awesome. There is also a great lineup including the band like Shocked Minds  and their throwback punk style.

#2 Brain-Cave Series Luke Temple, She Keeps Bees, Friend Roulette, Teletextile, Edan, DM Stith, Stranger Cat @ Baby’s All Right (SAT 7PM, $10)

As evidenced from the busy show poster, there are so many things happening at the first installation of the Brain-Cave Series, hosted by Cara Bella and Paper Garden Records. In the past, Brain-Cave Festival has been a multiple day event, typically over a weekend showcasing amazing local musicians as well as artists, as well as some bigger names of bands in the city. This year, Brain-Cave is happening as a series, which seems like a wonderful way to keep the passion for interesting, creative music alive in Brooklyn. With bands like Friend RouletteTeletextileShe Keeps Bees and many more, this first of hopefully many promises to be a jam-packed evening and an amazing experience.

#1 Yard Party Featuring Educated Little Monsters ELM Youth Group @ Silent Barn (SAT 12PM, FREE)

Bushwick is amazing in that is has a variety of families and values and children who are growing up amidst the artists, the musicians, the changes in neighborhood, etc.. The youth are there throughout it all, and this party is a great way to support them and see what they have been doing while we’ve been busy show-hopping. Bushwick’s own youth group Educated Little Monsters (ELM) has a variety of programs for the youth in this neighborhood including dance groups, jewelry making, and movie nights. The ELM youth group will be performing at 4pm on Saturday in addition to the games, food, arts & crafts, and vendors that will be present at the Barn. This is a great opportunity to really meet the neighborhood and see the real future of Bushwick at play!