Dr. Lisa: Where Can I Have the Most Fun in Bushwick This Coming Sunday Night?

2013 Bushwick Open Studios Benefit Dr. Lisa with Limited Edition Print Artist Loren Munk photo: Cibele Vieira

Ok, well that’s a trick question that I wrote myself, but it’s still leads to good advice! If you want to hang with the artist community here, this Sunday, May 4, 6-9PM at Storefront Ten Eyck, 324 Ten Eyck Street is Bushwick Open Studios Benefit. And I’m personally excited and a little nervous because I’m emceeing even though it’s the third year in a row that they’ve asked me.  I really don’t want to screw it up because I’m afraid they won’t ask me again next year and I will feel like a failure. What—just cause I’m an advice columnist, you don’t think I have my own neurosis? Stop laughing at me! I really actually shouldn’t be nervous at all because I’ll have Sean Spada from my absolute fav Bushwick rock band, The Nuclears. When I think about it though—he’ll probably think I’m a dork. AHH!

Thanks for listening, now I can focus on telling you about the actual evening. First of all it’s a great benefit mostly because it’s for everyone in the community and it’s a good value (cheap). Suggested admission is only $5. Do you know what most art benefits admissions cost usually? Hundreds of dollars! Forget it, it’s really a great chance to meet, mingle and network with the whole Bushwick art community… plus you know how artist are…experimental…just sayin’.

If you would like to buy an additional ticket to get an artwork, it’s an obscenely low $80. Some of the work is worth over 10 times that amount—think of it as an investment. Other shit you spend your money on doesn’t last and an artwork can make you feel good EVERY SINGLE DAY. Some of the big name artists work available are: Deborah Brown, Peter Fox, Jeanne Tremel, Reed Anderson, Rob de Oude, Brian Novatny, Lori Kirkbride, Nao Matsumoto, Louis Cameron and Paul Baumann, amongst many others.

You can check out all the available work here. There’s also a limited edition print made just for this event by MoMA collected artist Lisa Corinne Davis.

I chatted with one of the AiB BOS Benefit organizers, Cibele Vieira to see if I could get any behind the scene gossip or inside scoop. Btw: Cibele is an inspiration if you need some ass kicking; besides all this, she just opened a solo show of her work at Christopher Henry Gallery last Friday. She’s also incredibly gracious, as my dog Astro, took a shit in her studio and she made me feel ok about it AND picked it up! Love her!! Anyway, she told me that the benefit got quite a facelift this year with twice as many artists submitting work plus the brand new location, Storefront Ten Eyck, which is a beautiful space to look at artwork in. Here’s the genuine hot tip though: next year the tickets to buy art are going to cost a lot more than $80.  As a born and bred Jewish bargain hunter, it gives me a special thrill to turn you on to this private info.

Astro, the Inappropriate Shitter. photo: Phil Buehler

So obviously, I want you to come to this benefit. But honestly, I know you will thank me if you do. As you know, being part of a community is great for anyone’s mental health (as well as the sexual opportunities.) But, it truly will personally make me feel better—I’ll so appreciate it—if you’re there, because I need your support with the emceeing thing. Also, If you see someone you’re attracted to, let me know and I’ll find a way to introduce you discretely, without them knowing. Our secret—promise!


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