Shy Hunters

This week’s Friday First features the exclusive premiere of track “Right World” of debut album from Shy Hunters. In O That I Had Wings, the New York based band, brings an introspective, neo-psychedelic, indie-pop sound. “Right World” will take you on a cerebral trip, that intricately weaves together cosmic electric guitar riffs and airy, yet zealous vocals. Friday First is a weekly column devoted to premiering new music from local, national, and international artists.

Shy Hunters features guitarist/vocalist Indigo Street and drummer/keyboardist Sam Levine. The two met in 2009 while performing in a noise band and have recorded and performed with an array of artists throughout their careers. Street has collaborated with musicians like Yoko Ono, Jolie Holland, Marc Ribot, Jeffrey Lewis and Jim White.

O That I Had Wings Cover

O That I Had Wings emerged from the two mixing together their eclectic talents, merging a broad range of genres. Street and Levin combine jagged rhythms, synth bass, heavy beats and melodies with both angelic and brooding undertones. It’s described as being about “white-light-joy and black-hole-suffering, and the thin membrane that often separates them. It’s about struggling to get out from under the thumb of the past, and the loneliness of being haunted by demons that no one else seems to be able to see.” Their influences stem from Talk Talk, Peter Gabriel, Prince and Kate Bush. After they released their first two singles, Grammy nominated producer Alex Newport (Bloc Party, The Melvins, Mars Volta, Death Cab For Cutie) sent them an email about working together and thus their debut album was born.

You can catch Shy Hunters at their record release show later this month on April 25th at Union Pool!