You know, by nature I am really an optimist – always looking on the bright side of things and making the best out of situations (unless I am hungry – that is a whole other state of mind I can’t even get into). But I am really starting to lose faith in the Bushwick trains as they annoyingly seem set in their service-change ways and don’t really show any signs of improving in the near future (I’m still praying for a miracle!). Does anyone remember the last time all three Bushwick trains were running fabulously?‚ĶDidn’t think so.

This weekend we’ll be cursing under our breath because of:

(M train is going to make us all late for a very important date, but it is all like “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn”. Typical).

And next weekend we’ll be on the verge of a temper tantrum because of:

So there you have it – your weekly dose of mass transit headache! Check for any last minute updates and, as always, Happy Riding!