Always wanted to be a part of a music festival without selling out or sucking up? Now you can! Make Music New York, one of the biggest and liveliest musical events in the city’s history, returns to enliven NY for its 8th year on June 21st, 2014. The event, which is free to attend or perform in, will fill the solstice with an incredible array of genres and interactive performances. Last year around Brooklyn we heard about tons of shows and one-off performances going down, and this year the festival promises to even better than last year! So now’s your chance to get involved and broadcast your musical offerings to the world. Make Music New York will coordinate your concert with others in the neighborhood, secure all necessary permits, and promote your event through Time Out New York and WNYC. From an acoustic sidewalk setup to a full-scale amplified block party, plenty of options are available. So get brainstorming and register here. All concert arrangements must be finalized by April 29.

Williamsburg (Photo courtesy of Ximena Garnica)

Street Smart Cyclist,(Photo: Chuck Taylor)
Gamelan Dharma Swara, (Photo: Shannon Romines)

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