Rediscover Your Intuition with Darcy!

Darcy Skye Holoweski (photo by the author)

In October we profiled Bushwick-based energy healer and consultant Darcy Skye Holoweski whose mission is to empower artists and others from the neighborhood to find their inner self and align their heart with the work they do. Darcy calls her practice, which she maintains on Hart Street, inner wisdom coaching, and she believes that through transformation of your beliefs you can change your reality and live your dreams.

Darcy is now starting a spiritually-minded Bushwick community that will be meeting regularly. She is hosting the first meeting on February 5th, 7-9PM titled City Dweller’s Guide to Awakening Intuition. 

Darcy writes in the invitation:

“If you have been craving a deeper connection with your purpose, your passion, your creative spark, this event is for you. If you know, deep down in your bones, you are here to bring meaning in big and ambitious ways but your dreams have not become reality, this event is for you. If you can feel overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of city life and are ready to reconnect to your strength within, this event is for you. If you desire connecting with others around your truth, your gifts, your beauty, this event is for you. Come to connect. Come to feel. Come to share and be seen – for the shining light you are. Get ready for a truly amazing, heart-connecting, soul-inspiring evening.”

This event is $20. There is an early rate of $15 if you register by by Fri. Jan. 25  and a discount for two friends signing up together it is $25 for both of you. To register email Darcy at

If you are still in doubt that “this stuff” actually works, check out the Time Magazine cover feature on the benefits of a simple meditation.

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