December is the last month of the Best of Bushwick series, so we only have a few competitions left! And, of course, we’ve saved bars, one of the biggest competitions, for the end.

Bushwick, the premier nightlife neighborhood in Brooklyn, is jam-packed with bars. In and around the neighborhood, there are watering holes of every shape and size. Picking a favorite for me, personally, would be a very hard decision.

But, there can only be one winner!

So, what will it be? Will you choose to nominate your favorite dive bar, equipped with a great happy hour and a wonderful beer and shot deal? Will you go with the bar/restaurant, where you can get a great sandwich with your drink. Or, will you opt for the big, club-like bar, where dancing is the mission.

No more time to wait. It is time for nominations! What is the best bar in/around Bushwick?

We aren’t going to be overly strict here. As long as the bar is a bar first, we will accept the nomination. For example, a bar can have a stage where musical artists play from time to time, but it can’t be a music venue with a bar attached. And while your favorite local brunch or dinner spot may have a full liquor license, that doesn’t qualify it as a bar. Get it?

So, what is the best bar in/around Bushwick? Let us know in the comment section below! Or, email your nomination to the editor:

The nomination period closes Dec. 8 at 11:59 p.m.

Visit the Best of Bushwick homepage.

Featured image: Connor Ki via Wiki Commons

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