NYC’s Best Margaritas Delivered to You!

The past year has been rough for almost everyone but the folks at Calabrije’s have remained optimistic. They are still in Bushwick making New York City’s best margaritas, paired with top notch delicious Mexican food.

The ambiance at Calabrije’s is one-of-a-kind. A quirky, colorful atmosphere that’s hard – if not impossible – to find anywhere else. When the pandemic shutdown started, they knew that it was going to come down to being able to still give customers as much of that Calabrije’s experience while maintaining and managing new city regulations.

So yes, the promise stays: you can still have their super high quality and delicious Margaritas in all 21 flavors plus combinations, now delivered to you in the comfort of your home. They are so proud to say that they still make the absolute best margarita in the city, now in a to-go presentation for everyone to enjoy.

In fact, the folks at Calabrije’s have updated their drink menu to make it easier to enjoy one of their delicious margaritas outdoors in the middle of a chilly Brooklyn winter: Hot margaritas! And yeah, you guessed it, hot margaritas are also available in all 21 flavors and combinations! Think of a hot toddy, only BETTER.

The food to-go also has stayed the same too–the same quality, the same delicious taste. It’s a reminder that, even in today’s climate, you can still party safe. If you are with your roommates or a loved one, you can still enjoy the experience of a super tasty Margarita paired with some amazing Nachos with chorizo, because aren’t these little experiences in a way so important right now? Having fun moments with good company it what’s important these days and the folks at Calabrije’s just want to make those nice times even nicer.



Margaritas and Tacos

 234 Starr Street, Bushwick (off the Jefferson Avenue stop on the L train)

(718) 417-6567

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 Mon: 4 pm – 9:30 pm

    Tu-Fri: 4pm -10pm

    Sat: 1pm -10pm

    Sun: 1pm – 9:30pm

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