Pine Box Rock Shop Will Celebrate 9th Anniversary with $3 Pints on October 12


Taylor Lhamon

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Raise a glass to Pine Box Rock Shop, as they celebrate nine years serving the Bushwick community craft beer, vegan treats, and art of all mediums.

The beloved bar has become a cornerstone of Bushwick—truly embracing and reflecting the neighborhood’s diverse nature. On any given night, patrons can rock out to local bands, keep up with sporting events, or devour their favorite plant-based goods. 

Colin Peer, Heather and Jeff Rush began their venture in 2010. After years in the industry, they sought to establish a place of their own, a journey that led to converting an old coffin factory into a vegan, craft beer bar and music venue.The business has continued to evolve, cultivating an authentic hodgepodge of culture, building upon the owners’ original vision. 

Photos by Bart Koscinski.

“We feel Pine Box is the brick and mortar version of who we are. The things found here are a representation of our personalities and values: from the craft beer rotation to the general horror theme that plays homage to the building’s history as a casket factory, to the sports often found on our televisions, to the many LGBTQ+ events we host,” Co-owner Jeff Rush told Bushwick Daily. “We feel by embracing all the things we love and/or believe in as opposed to settling on one specific direction for the business, we’ve become as much a community center as a neighborhood bar.”

Pine Box doesn’t cater to any single demographic, but rather focuses on elevating the causes, artists, and events that align with company values. These ideals are perfectly reflected in the upcoming anniversary event.


The day will begin with a Vegan Shop-Up, a tried and true favorite for Bushwick. The celebration continues well into the evening with the Backyard Comedy show, featuring hosts Leanne Velednitsky and Rebecca Weiser, then headlining an interactive variety show by Stephen Queen (Femme Tribute to Stephen King) led by Nancy Nogood. As always, the shop’s trusty bar keepers will be slinging drinks through the night while postseason baseball lights up the screens. 

After nine years in the community, co-owner Heather Rush, takes a walk down memory lane. “Colin, Jeff and I were all musicians. In addition to working in bars, we’d all played around the city for years.” She details her inspiration, “It was always my dream to open a bar, not just to get into the nightlife business but because I had a bit of an unmoored youth. The bars I played in and hung out at became my home base. I’d like to think Pine Box has become that for Bushwick—a home away from home.”

Join Pine Box Rock Shop at 12 Grattan Street for a $3 anniversary pint on October 12, 2019.

Cover image courtesy of Pine Box Rock Shop.

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