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Who says adults can’t have a bit of childhood fun? After popping up in London and Australia, the unofficial LEGO-themed bar is making a stop in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Built with over one million blocks, nostalgic New Yorkers get to play and party in a bar with their favorite childhood toys. The Brick Bar is only in town for five nights at the Bogart House, starting on June 19 through the 23.

We’ve seen pop-up galleries, clothing stores, and more stop by, but never a life-size plastic toy bar. The Brick Bar was created by an Australian company, Viral Ventures, who are committed to creating events and experiences that are internet gold. Viral Ventures co-founder and social media professional, James Farrell, is known for combining alcohol, nostalgia, and pop-culture to create these unique events. Originally named Lego Bar, they were shut down by LEGO for using its trademark. However, this didn’t stop the traction the Brick Bar had already started to gain on social media.

The colorful block-shaped “Brick Burger” is just one of the items that the Brick Bar is serving up on its Instagram-worthy menu. Even the brick-shaped water bottles are worth a boomerang. The company describes the Brick Bar as your very own adult playground with a champagne fountain, swings, couches and thrones made entirely out of toy bricks.

The Brick Bar is filled with Lego sculptures and plenty of spare pieces for people to get creative and build masterpieces of their own. You can expect a range of prize-worthy competitions like block building and ping pong matches, on a table built with 22,500 bricks. The fun doesn’t end there. Every wall is covered in brightly-colored toy blocks that you can build a message on.

It’s the perfect spot to stop by after work or on a Friday night with a couple of friends. You’ll get to play like a child again in a ball pit, but also with alcoholic drinks, and a local DJ spinning tunes that you can boogie to. After all, when are you ever going to get another chance to go to an actual bar made out of legos?  

The Brick Bar’s limited tickets range from $15.00 to $25.00 plus taxes and fees. Each ticket grants a person 90-minutes of fun. If you’re under the age of 21, you must be accompanied by an adult and attend before 6 p.m. Buy them here.

In addition to New York, the Brick Bar will be stopping in Toronto, Los Angeles, Miami, and Houston throughout the year.

All images courtesy of the Brick Bar.

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