Routine, a Coffee and Brunch Spot off the Wilson L Stop, Has Permanently Closed

Evan Haddad


Another Bushwick coffee spot has shuttered its doors this week.

Routine, a cafe/restaurant at 631 Wilson Ave. that opened less than three years ago, has closed permanently, Bushwick Daily has learned. 

A local tipster notified us of the news in an email earlier this week.

“I live near the Wilson L stop and the past couple evenings when I’ve come home around 6 p.m. or so, the coffee shop Routine (on Wilson Avenue) has been shuttered with no sign up about it. In the past, I’ve seen handwritten signs when they’ve closed for repairs or renovations.”

We looked into it and found that the brunch spot is marked “permanently closed” on Yelp; its website shows an animated background of gently undulating ocean waves and a sign saying “We’re under construction. Please check back for an update soon.”

But we till don’t know why Routine has closed. Neither the cafe’s Facebook or Instagram page has any information about the closing — a standard procedure these days — and we still haven’t been able to make contact with the owners. 

We’re looking into this and we’ll be updating the story as we learn more. But, we believe it suffices to say that another one has bitten the crust.

Cover image from the Bushwick Daily archives

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