Call for Nominations: Best Grocery Store in Bushwick

Andrew Tobia

Food & Drink Editor
[email protected]

Best of Bushwick 2018 continues this week with a new category that we didn’t explore last year. This week, we’re accepting nominations for Bushwick’s Best Grocery Store.

Everybody eats, which means that — with the exception of the occasional story you hear of people subsisting wholly and completely on Seamless and GrubHub orders — everybody goes to grocery stores of one type or another.

Yet for such an integral and everyday part of life, grocery stores are weirdly overlooked as important neighborhood institutions. To remedy this, we at Bushwick Daily decided to shine a light on the best spots in the neighborhood for stocking your pantry shelves.

Because there is such a range of what could constitute a “grocery store,” we’re going to specify some criteria for this round of nominations. As a general rule of thumb, we’re looking for stores of any size that carry all or most types of typical grocery products (i.e. produce, meat, fish, dairy, paper goods, and so on). 

Supermarket chains, both national and regional, are allowed, as are local chains and independent supermarket-type stores. Specialty stores, such as specialty health markets or Italian specialty stores, and fresh or farmers market stores are allowed as well.

Specialty product stores — places like butchers, where only one variety of good are sold — are not allowed; nor are bodegas. We would prefer nominated stores to accept EBT, but will not restrict nominations on this point.

So, Bushwick — where do you get your groceries? Wheel your carts into the comment section below and let us know, with a word or two on why your nomination is the best, be it price, freshness, selection, etc. We know who BD Managing Editor Evan Haddad will nominate!

Nominations will close on Thursday, Feb. 1 at 11:59 pm.

Cover photo by ja ma

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