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People in Bushwick are creative, and they’re getting even more so with how they make money on Airbnb. In the past, we reported on funky lofts, illegal flop houses, and overstuffed apartments. Today, we’re expanding our hyperlinks with Bushwick Airbnb “experiences” — excursions or other activities designed and led by local hosts.

Below are three experiences you can pay to have in Bushwick, with a run-down of the price and a short description of what happens. We post them not as advertisements, but as a way, perhaps, to inspire you to examine the beauty of the world around you — and figure out how to juice it for everything it’s worth as a side gig.

 Brooklyn Vintage Shopping Tour

$20 per person for a three-hour tour and one drink

Get expert styling tips as you tour the treasure troves of vintage that Bushwick has to offer. According to Vanessa, the post’s author and your guide, she is a fashion buyer, stylist, and curator with a “profound love for vintage items.” 

“It’s the idea that you’re sharing a piece of someone’s history their memories from a different time and place that intrigues me,” Vanessa writes. “I will provide you with my expert style tips and help you find that look that best compliments you and makes you fall in love with yourself all over again.”

 Graffiti Workshop

$40 per person for an hourlong workshop with canvas included 

Learn some aerosol art with Gabe, who discussed graffiti with Bushwick Daily in this article some months ago.

“Meet a local artists and learn about the creative lifestyle,” says Gabe. “We’ll then go to our beautiful art studio and learn the basics of spray paint art. Once you have the basics down you start by practicing your tag and basic art making.”

 Explore Bushwick with a photographer

$75 per person for a three-hour excursion with a drink, a snack, and equipment included

Start at a local bakery before heading toward the Bushwick Collective where you’ll learn about the artists and the history of graffiti. You’ll also walk beyond the walls of the Collective, exploring other outdoor art missions, before taking a break for a delicious taco in a Mexican tortilla factory. 

Your host Jessie is a native New Yorker and pro photographer. “When BBC Travel came to NYC for a TV segment I was their tour guide!” Jessie says. 

Cover image courtesy of Greg Rakozy