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One of the glorious things about living in Bushwick is that you can find a restaurant to satisfy just about any food craving. Pair that with the wondrous technology of GrubHub and Seamless, and you never even have to leave your house. But unfortunately, eating out can add up pretty quickly. Good food doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A little digging — especially in a neighborhood like Bushwick — can turn up some gems where you can get a dam good meal for $10 or less. 

 BK Bagels 

1120 Broadway

BK Bagels is one of the first places I visited after moving to Bushwick. You need to know where you can get a good bagel, because sometimes there are mornings when a bagel is all your heart desires. Being one of those “hip” type of places, it’s not where you should go to buy the cheapest bagel sandwich, but you sure won’t walk away disappointed. Never fear, nothing on the menu exceeds $10. If you aren’t feeling a bagel, there are plenty of other sandwiches and wraps to chose from.

 Good Chinese Restaurant 

663 Knickerbocker Ave.

Good Chinese Restaurant tells you everything you need to know just from the name. It will satisfy your craving for Chinese food while respecting your budget. The menu gives you plenty of options to spend $10 or less, whether it be some lo mein or roast pork. Not to mention, all their lunch and dinner specials are $10 and under. A good cheap Chinese restaurant is hard to find, so add this place to your list. 

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 Regalo De Juquila 

1209 Myrtle Ave.

Regalo de Juquila is truly a gift. Maybe it’s the $1 empanadas or the location near Birdy’s or Happyfun Hideway that make this place a prime stop on any walk home from a night out with friends. It’s quick, tasty, and easy on your wallet. All their tortas are $5; huaraches are even less. Bushwick is hardly lacking in Mexican restaurants, but with prices like these, Regalo de Juquila deserves a lil’ shout out. 

 Tina’s Place

1002 Flushing Ave.

Tina’s is a solid diner spot with a full menu that won’t break the bank. You can’t stop by for dinner, but who can be angry with a restaurant where not a single item on the menu costs more than $10. Breakfast or lunch, Tina’s has got you covered. 

 Your Way Cafe

17 Wilson Ave.

Your Way is another diner-type spot that will give you a great breakfast or lunch for a decent price. Just pick a trusty ol’ bagel with cream cheese for just $2, or grab one of their many wraps for $8. And guess what? Delivery is free!

 Green Street Salads 

67 Irving Ave.

Green Street Salads can be your Bushwick equivalent of Sweetgreen if you let it, which maybe you should, considering how much cheaper it is. Build a large salad for $5.50? Sign me up. Besides that, they’ve got plenty of salads under $10 that will satisfy your vegetable requirements for the day. 

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