Jacque Medina


Recently, to set the mood for fall, we asked our readers to vote for their favorite wine vendor as the latest installment of our Best of Bushwick series. 

Today (admittedly a little late- sorry about that), we’re announcing the winner.  

The neighborhood’s reader-voted best wine vendor is … Henry’s.

Henry’s opened in 2013 as a premier hotspot for organic and natural wine and spirits at affordable prices (a normal bottle at Henry’s will set you back about $10-$15).

“Thanks to Bushwick Daily and everyone who voted,” said Henry’s eponymous owner, Henry Glucroft, “[We are] honored to be the neighborhood destination for fine natural wine and spirits. If you haven’t checked us out yet, please come by and see all we have to offer.”

Again, we’d like to say that nominated businesses are allowed—and even encouraged—to promote and advertise themselves as a part of our “Best of Bushwick” series to motivate their patrons to vote for them. We would like to point out that we have not and will never take bribes in exchange for votes. At Bushwick Daily, we consider journalistic integrity and absolute independence to be the basis on which we build everything else.

Henry’s is located at 69 Central Ave. in Bushwick. As fall temps drop, be sure to drop by for a robust glass of red, or a refreshing bottle of bubbly -and tell them we sent you! 

Featured images courtesy of Henry’s Wine & Spirit’s Instagram Page.