Do you need a stylist, tailor, photographer, or interior designer? Or better yet, are you a stylist, tailor, photographer, or interior designer looking for more gigs? Either way, you need AKO’ app on your phone and in your life right now.

AKO’ is an on-demand app, which connects fashion and lifestyle service providers with customers in need of their service.

AKO’ app hopes to streamline the process of searching, booking and connecting customers to a any fashion and lifestyle service within the industry scope, all the while offering customers an unlimited range of choices, based on rates, geographical location, schedule preferences, and other applicable filters.

AKO’ enables vendors of different demographics and skills to use a platform to market their skills and be easily reached by customers.  

When you install AKO’ freelancers will be prompted to create a profile, list multiple services they offer, create their personal price list, and set their availability based on their schedule.

Customers in turn are able to search for a desired service, using filters based on their preferences and location, and to connect with their selected freelancer by sending a service request.  

All payments for rendered services are made directly from customer to freelancers, and completely off the platform.

AKO’s platform seeks to become a creative hub for fashion and lifestyle services all the while dismantle the industry-related boundaries of entry. That way entrepreneurs and freelancers with the appropriate skillset can receive the access and connection to a broad base of customers they deserve!

Download and get started today!