A Most Enticing Jamaican Lobster Festival Comes to Bushwick’s Cafe Erzulie

Magdalena Waz


While much of the northeast thinks of lobsters as “their thing,” the truth is that our crustacean friends live in all oceans around the world. Next Saturday Sept. 23 at Cafe Erzulie, you’ll get a chance to find out how Jamaica prepares their lobsters during the Jamrock Lobstah Palooza.

Gus May, the event’s organizers describes how he got into the lobster game: “I’ve been organizing lobster parties since 2011 but the origin of the lobster parties dates back to the 80s when my Uncle Neil would drive from the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland with a truckload of live blue crabs and drive them north to Maine—where they weren’t as available and were thus a hot commodity—and then fill up his truck with thousands of live Maine lobsters and drive them back down to Maryland to host lobster bashes. A crustacean swap, if you will.”

The first lobster big event May organized took place at The Well in 2013.

The Jamaican theme of this particular bash has to do with Cafe Erzulie’s Carribbean vibes and Brooklyn’s rather large Jamaican population. The fusion menu will include full steamed lobsters, lobster rolls on coco bread, smoked gouda and jerk mac n’ cheese, and butter drizzled street corn.

It’s free to attend with an RSVPWavos will provide the tunes. And the party starts at 4 p.m. in the beautiful part bar, part cafe, part outdoor oasis that is Cafe Erzulie at 894 Broadway.


Featured image courtesy of Cafe Erzulie.

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