Cafe Ghia’s Former Head Chef Is Launching a Brand New Menu at Starr Bar

In April of this year, neighborhood gem and corner eatery Cafe Ghia announced that it was closing its doors for good, much to the dismay of its large and loyal fanbase. However, in an auspicious turn of events, its head chef has just announced that she’s making her grand return to the culinary landscape—at Bushwick’s very own social justice-oriented Starr Bar.

On June 1, Starr Bar, which is conveniently located just steps from Cafe Ghia’s old location, will launch its very own dinner menu with plans to expand to brunch later on this summer. Head Chef Maria Martinez has created a menu that will include ethical burgers, vegan burgers, kale salads, seasoned fries, caribbean rice, a unique South African grilled cheese called The Jaffle, crab cakes, and finally, a variation of an old Cafe Ghia staple, the Mofongo.

Just check out the Jaffle in its sealed, and then broken-open final form.

The Jaffle (sealed)
The Jaffle (unleashed)

“I’m thrilled to continue serving good food to the Bushwick community,” Chef Maria Martinez says. “Starr Bar is a natural fit for me after my years at Cafe Ghia, and I love the mission.”

Starr Bar’s tag line is “Create, Conspire, Celebrate,” and it is dedicated to living up to that promise. Not only does the nightlife venue celebrate movements for social justice by presenting the community with a variety of shows, dance parties, film screenings, comedy nights, art showcases, political salons, drag shows, and fundraisers, but 10 percent of the bar’s profits go to its nearby sister venue, Mayday Community Space.

Maria with Alejandro testing dishes

“As long time residents and activists of Bushwick, we wanted to build a place that gave back,” co-owner Ana Nogueira says. “We know that space is a premium in this city, and movements for social justice need a place to organize face to face, to engage the public, and to have fun!”

Co-owner Mcnair Scott adds: “Food is another great way to build community, which is our ultimate goal… We also hope to showcase our principles in our menu by buying certified humane meat and supporting local farms as much as possible.”

Don’t miss out on this one, folks!


Starr Bar

Socially-conscious bar with nightly events. Proceeds benefit non-profit Mayday Space.

 214 Starr St (Jefferson on the L)

 Mon: Closed Tue: 5pm-1am; Wed-Thu: 5pm-2am; Fri-Sat: 5pm-4am; Sun: 5pm-1am


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All photos courtesy of Starr Bar.

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