By Katarina Hybenova

I spent the weekend wandering through Bushwick looking at things though the viewfinder of my camera. I was searching for ideas, colors, patterns, experiences, pretty things and beautiful people. The inspiration found me. I hope it finds you too….


 The weekend started on a roof at Starr St with bands and not so surprising BYOB surprises from black plastic bangs hanging on people’s wrists. This is a band called Yula; their guitar rifs were imaginative; the singer was SO wild. After the concert, she drank some water and stepped in the crowd. I like how informal the shows in Bushwick are.

When biking to Life Cafe on Sunday I saw this beautiful piece of street art on Starr St. It looks like Swoon, right?

I just missed the owners Kathy and John at Life Cafe on Sunday. Therese Maher, our contributor and my friend, whom I was meeting there said that Kathy left in tears. My heart was filled with sympathy and nostalgia… But in this picture I wanted to point out two things: Firstly, the beautiful rays of light and the happy couple sitting under the window. Secondly, the girl on her phone wearing a straw hat. I saw a lot of them that day…


It was simply hot and also Therese came wearing a straw hat. The lady on a bench was wearing one too. 

 …the only thing about straw hat is that you need to take it off when riding a bike, otherwise the wind will steal it.


 On Bogart Street I saw this stylish French girl who was also wearing a straw hat. I humbly believe that style better than French Bushwickians posses, can hardly be found. Do you need more persuasion? 


New recycled fashion store on Morgan Avenue. 


In front of Brooklyn Natural I met Daniel Weiss from Paper Swan collective. He was wearing a pair of browline sunglasses and looking great. I think everybody needs a pair, although not everybody can pull them of as much as Daniel. 

It’s pretty hard to resist the vinyl record sellers on Bogart St. I liked the color combination of Bing Crosby vintage recording. 


Tennis, tennis, tennis.  


Big YES to the wine shaped pin with pink stones. You can have it for $1 only. Seen at Bogart Street Market.  


This tiny vintage perfumes reminded me of secret strolls through my granda’s closet when I was 8 years old. I think that’s how old these perfumes actually were, and so the only way to wear them is on a leather string around your neck.

These guys had a big family party at Bogart Street. They insisted that Therese and I come in, have some Corona and hang out with them. The music was loud and the folks were playing pool. It was nice to talk to them.


‘Oookly’ and good colors all over.


God bless America and pink bicycles 😉 Happy 4th of July!