‘Hipster Bullshit’ Puts Bushwick Stereotypes to Use in its Line of Funny Apparel

Evan Haddad


“Hate yourself? Cool, we do too.”

That’s the ethos of Hipster Bullshit, a clothing company that has rolled all-things hipster into their line of jokey t-shirts, crop tops, and beanies that poke fun at the iconic Brooklyn stereotype.

Photo courtesy of Hipster Bullshit

Zach Katz, founder of Hipster Bullshit, launched the company in September, but he boasts that his garments—with slogans such as “Low Self-Esteem High Rent Thanks Dad” or “I’d Rather Die In Brooklyn Than Live In Queens”—have already conquered the backs of many Bushwickers.

“We’ve already sold enough shirts to dress a modest Bushwick warehouse party,” Katz told Bushwick Daily. “Our mission is to provide people all over the developed world—in other words, from East Bushwick to West Bushwick—with extremely cool bullshit that will get them super laid.”

Hipster Bullshit has already received press coverage in Gothamist and Brokelyn. Katz says it’s fun to be in the newspaper; crazy shirts just have a way of getting attention.

“A shirt that says ‘I’m Fluent In Sarcasm’ just isn’t newsworthy,” Katz said. “That’s why Hipster Bullshit will soon be releasing the world’s first ‘I’m Fluent In Avocado Toast’ t-shirt.”

It’s perhaps nothing more than a marketing gimmick, but Katz’s garments, ranging from $15-35, actually include the many definitions of the word “hipster.”

Photo courtesy of Hipster Bullshit

The dictionary says a hipster has a strong sense of alienation and social anxiety; or he’s a “hepcat,” a bygone word for lover of jazz; or as the Brits say slangily of certain garments, a hipster hugs the hip, and not the natural waistline.

With sizes from small to 4XL, your “Lookin So Good Feelin So Sad” shirt can do just that.

Cover image courtesy of Seth Doyle on Unsplash 

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