Bushwick Fancy Fashion @ Norte Maar Benefit

Event though Bushwick scruffiness is lovable, sometimes it’s nice to get all fancy. And if it’s for a good cause, than there is even more of a reason. On Monday night, supporters of

Norte Maar

 from Bushwick and elsewhere, all gathered at 

Mitchell-Innes & Nash

 gallery in Chelsea for a benefit night of this Bushwick-based non-profit organization. The night honored

Julie Martin

of E.A.T. who was introduced by a noted curator Barbara London. After Julie Martin received an award made by Bushwick sculptor Ben Godward, we enjoyed David Tudor’s Rainforest I performed by 

Composers Inside Electronics

, and a preview of Norte Maar’s upcoming ballet 

The Brodmann Areas

.  The evening was simply lovely, even outside of our beloved pigeon town, and as it is unclear when we will be able to witness Bushwick artists in fancy attire again, here is a little photo documentation of the special occasion….















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