Photos: Bushwick’s Chromat Stages a Protest Runway Show at NY Fashion Week

Ruthie Darling


In case you haven’t noticed, New York Fashion Week is in full swing, and yesterday a Bushwick-based fashion label, Chromat, showcased their new collection on the runway. 

Chromat collaborated with Klymit to design inflatable garments that would help the wearer stay afloat and protected. The results were amazing.

They took inspiration from life vests and floatation devices designed for extended survival in rough, open water. Perhaps, it was a nod to our current political climate—especially as models marched down the runway to a song which contained the lyrics “Fuck Donald Trump.”

All photos by Ruthie Darling for Bushwick Daily. 

In the show notes, Chromat wrote: “There is a feeling of paranoia, the end of truth and the dawning of a new era of persecution of the other.” In defense of “the other,” Chromat featured plus-sized models and a transgender model, with a rainbow of races represented. 

Check out some more of their innovative and structural designs below:

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Cover image by Ruthie Darling for Bushwick Daily.

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