There’s a lot going on here: shiny shorts, an orange caftan and a companion in a box (who must not know what to make of that fur).

This sharp dresser’s look includes DG glasses, a Ecuadorean flag belt buckle, a cowboy shirt in a modern print, and a classic umbrella.

The white gloves and shoes really pop in this tailored pink look!

Lettering plays a major role in this look on Jun, from Japan, who we spotted outside a post office off the Morgan stop.

John wears some form of fatigues every day. The elements he keeps consistent? His sunglasses and hat.

Ericka was on her way to House of Yes in this homemade LifeSaver jacket.

Luigi just moved here from Miami. His hair and his glasses almost touched the J train.

Red, white and blue under Myrtle-Wyckoff.

Rodrigo, spotted on Wyckoff.

Don’t be afraid to match your jacket with your hair.

Editor’s note: a previous version of this article misidentified the flag in the belt buckle in the second photo. It is the Ecuadorean flag, not the Colombian flag.