Bushwick Welcomes Mr. Lemon, a sister location to Mr. Kiwi, to the Corner of Knickerbocker & Himrod

The lovable Brooklyn grocery store consortium easily identifiable by its shared “Mr.” prefix has opened its ninth location on the corner of Knickerbocker and Himrod streets, and we seriously couldn’t be happier to welcome Mr. Lemon to the neighborhood.

“We have a lot of customers already,” Mr. Lemon manager Gene Choi tells Bushwick Daily. Praise be to affordable produce and juice!

The neighborhood’s adoration for Myrtle Ave./Broadway supergrocery Mr. Kiwi’s sets Mr. Lemon up for a great future. Mr. Kiwi’s was the first store South Korean entrepreneur June Yoon opened back in 2006. Originally a family-owned business, the chain began hiring out for logistical reasons: “The family didn’t have enough cousins to act as a manger,” reveals Choi.

With Mr. Lemon’s larger scale (in comparison to Mr. Kiwi’s compact setup), it’s easy to see that the last ten years have been nothing but fruitful. Unsurprisingly, Choi tells Bushwick Daily that since their opening on August 10th, business has been better than expected. “We’re trying our best to accommodate all people,” says Choi.

The selection casts a wider net than Mr. Kiwi’s (we love you Mr. Kiwi’s) and the space is laid out beautifully with a few traditional aisles. “We’ve upgraded over the years, so we try to have more stuff,” says Choi. Soon, they will be offering sushi from Mr. Lime (Ft. Greene location) right near the juice station.

Speaking of juice, Mr. Lemon was running a promo from opening day until August 14 that really spoke to us: get one free small juice with any purchase. Mr. Lemon clearly knows how to relieve us from this past weekend’s intense heat, and Bushwick is already in love.

Shop at Mr. Lemon because you know what’s good for you. Kisses, Bushwick.

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