Photos by Dallas Athent for Bushwick Daily

When Lindsay Risk began the dream for her gallery and boutique, she knew she wanted it to be more than just a brick-and-mortar store. What she was working towards was an entire vision. “I have paintings up here on the wall that I did, and each is about the story of a girl. I want my shop to be all about her. Even all the clothes have a story.”

Lindsay knows the background of every item of clothing in her store, because the vintage apparel RISK gallery is selling is sourced almost entirely from Lindsay’s family. I ask Lindsay how she managed to source so many fabulous clothes from just her parents. “My mom is one of eight so that was easy. I’ve been selling vintage on consignment for years, but this is one cohesive store. The main focus of the space isn’t the clothes, it’s the art. The art gives the central theme.”

On the walls are four large-scale paintings with rich colors and vibrant shapes. Lindsay painted each of them as a snapshot into one girl’s life, and examine both intimate and paramount moments.The items around the store further illustrate who she is. The men’s side of the store has a more rugged look. The clothes here, still sourced from Lindsay’s family, include button down shirts, ties and jackets.

Also sold in RISK Gallery & Boutique is Lindsay’s private label, RosyBleu. Gabrielle Corretjar, the lead designer, works very closely with Lindsay in integrating the vision into the store. An example of her designs can be seen below, in this pink and blue striped blouse.

The “Lily Flamingo” Sign on the men’s side of the wall is from Lindsay’s father’s old shop.

Custom T-shirts with fun phrases are also made in house for $26. Proceeds from these shirts go towards E.P.I.C., a foundation that helps bring clean drinking water to the developing world.

Handmade items such as these aprons are also for sale. Lindsay purchased aprons from the dollar store, and then spruced them up with vintage materials.

Handmade visuals such as painted suitcases, decorated tables and more can be spotted around the boutique. While the art in the main area will always be Lindsay’s work, she’s going to open a small, upstairs gallery to showcase up-and-coming artists. So if you’re interested in a local, artistic and boutique experience, look no further than RISK Gallery & Boutique, which opens on November 16th on 232 Varet Street.