Recently, Bushwick was named the 7th most stylish neighborhood in the world by Vogue. But what Vogue failed to mention in their write-up was that all of the awesome streetwear that’s represented, made, and sold here. SRSLY: Where’s Bushwick’s style without some flatbrim hats, printed tees, and sneakers? Check out our favorite places to shop locally that sell the absolute best gear, the Bushwick way.

#1 Scumbags & Superstars, 16 Wilson Ave

Bushwick Daily’s been crushing on Scumbags & Superstars since they opened over the winter. All of the hoodies, t-shirts, and flatbrims they carry are designed in house. They also carry collectible toys. Don’t forget to go to their Orgins of Ooze opening party tomorrow at 7 p.m.

#2 Cap World, 363 Knickerbocker Ave

Flatbrims and jerseys are essential to streetwear. Cap World carries a wide array, including every team possible you want to represent.

#3 Silkys Brooklyn, The Loom, 1087 Flushing Ave, Suite #119

Silkys is a print shop (and skate shop!), but they also make their own Tees. Pop by their retail location at The Loom and get an original printed shirt.


#4 Low Brow Artique, 143 Central Ave

Street-art and streetwear go hand in hand. That’s why Bushwick’s very own street-art gallery, Low Brow Artique, also sells printed tees (that actively support spraying things, too wink wink).

#5 RDNMKS, The Loom, 1095 Flushing Ave

RDNMKS is a force in the fashion community. The love of their original hats, hoodies, and backpacks brings bumping events to their Flushing Ave retail location.

#6 Casualtown, 368 Knickerbocker Ave

Sneaker style is everything. Casualtown has the widest array of sneakers in Bushwick, so you can have a pair to match any outfit.

#7 LYFE, 105 Ralph Ave, 105 Ralph Ave

This Bushwick-bordering shop is also a printing-making company that sells original tees. Their motto is “Live Young Free Everyday,” which is exactly what their fun threads makes us want to do.

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